·A Famous University in Nanchang 2013-5-14 14:28:00
·Fujian Government Scholarships is Offerend ...... 2013-5-14 14:00:00
·A Excelent University in Yangtzi River Delta 2013-5-13 14:13:00
· One Of The Confucius Institute Scholarship University 2013-5-13 13:47:00
·Shenyang University of Technology 2013-5-10 15:48:00
·Ice, snow culture sets province apart 2013-5-9 14:56:00
·ZSTU Admissions of 2013 Fall Semester 2013-5-9 11:35:00
·Agenda of Second Orientation 2013-4-28 10:17:00
·The orientation scheduled on May 4th 2013-4-28 9:56:00
·Brief Introducation of Some Participating Universities 2013-4-18 10:49:00
·Second Orientation on Study in China Delayed 2013-4-18 10:33:00
·LCVC International Student Representatives Participating in Liuzhou Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Tea Party 2013-4-16 13:45:00
·The Chancellor of Pelita Schools From Indonesia Visiting LCVC 2013-4-16 13:40:00
·Scholarship in Beijing Foreign Studies University 2013-4-3 10:40:00
·Exchange Programs & Study Abroad in Beijing Foreign Studies University 2013-4-2 11:21:00
·HISTORY OF EVOLUTION 2013-4-1 16:16:00
·BFSU-SolBridge - One of the Best Universities in China 2013-4-1 16:04:00
·Brief Introduction to the University 2013-4-1 15:44:00
·Growth of Overseas Students in China with Scholarship Increased by 10% in 2012 2013-3-29 11:19:00
·Statistical Report for Foreign Students in China in 2012 2013-3-29 11:10:00
·New list of Chinese Medical Institutions admitting International Students for Academic Year 2013-2014 2013-3-27 11:26:00
·China will provide 18,000 government scholarships to African students from 2013 to 2015. 2013-3-26 13:44:00
·President Yu's Paper on Professionalism of University Heads Published on China Education News 2013-3-25 16:20:00
·Melody is Invited for the School Song with 20,000RMB Prize Award 2013-3-25 16:03:00
·Vice President of SYSU Lectures on Humanities 2013-3-25 16:03:00
·GU Students Won Awards in Intellectual Property Right Education Competition 2013-3-25 15:58:00
·GU and HKUST Signed Letter of Intent for Graduate School 2013-3-25 15:50:00
·GU and Wesleyan Signed Agreement to Jointly Run a College 2013-3-25 15:50:00
·Summer School of Beijing University of Chemical Technology 2013-3-22 10:43:00
·Undergraduate Program for 2013 International Applicants(English Friendly) 2013-3-20 9:20:00
·Former President of Sun Yat-sen University Huang Daren: Can Higher Education Offer More Modules for Students to Choose from 2013-3-15 14:16:00
·Delegation of Nanyang Technological University and Technical University of Munich Visited SYSU 2013-3-15 14:13:00
·Leaders from the Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences Visited SYSU Academicians before Spring Festival 2013-3-15 14:05:00
·Xinjiang Medical University and Sun Yat-sen University Signed a Project Agreement of Joint Training of Students (Seven-Year Program) 2013-3-15 13:55:00
·Hong Kong Buddhist Education Foundation Donated a Photofacsimile Reprint of the Wenyuan Pavilion Copy of the Siku Quanshu to SYSU Libraries 2013-3-15 11:50:00
·Deputy Secretary Li Ping Extends Regards to Lu Zhihui from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, a Hero Who Rescued a Drowning Person 2013-3-15 11:37:00
·Xu Ningsheng, President of Sun Yat-sen University and an NPC Deputy: The Next Generation Computer Is Being Developed 2013-3-15 11:33:00
·SYSU President Xu Ningsheng: SYSU Will Strengthen Engineering 2013-3-15 11:24:00
·To Actively Participate in International Education Competition(A Conversation with Xu Ningsheng, President of Sun Yat-sen University and an NPC DeputyA Conversation with Xu Ningsheng, President of Sun Yat-sen University and an NPC Deputy) 2013-3-15 11:19:00
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