·Confucius Institute at Kasetsart University Held Welcoming Ceremony for Guest Chinese Language Teachers & Working Conference 2012-7-9 16:15:00
·Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State University of Technology Established Regional Chinese Language Teacher Association 2012-7-9 16:13:00
·The Eighth Batch of Guest Teachers Dispatched to Nepal in Place 2012-7-9 16:10:00
·Taiwan students who graduate from the mainland's colleges can enjoy the rights to work in mainland 2012-7-6 15:08:00
·Graduation fashion show held in Hong Kong 2012-7-6 15:02:00
·Chinese, Now a Compulsory Course Back to College 2012-7-6 11:45:00
·Beijing Language and Culture University 50th Anniversary Bulletin (No. 1) 2012-7-6 11:42:00
·Confucius Institute celebrates Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in Ethiopia 2012-7-6 11:41:00
·Nepali education and book fair attracts global participation 2012-7-6 11:34:00
·Canadian schools keen on Mandarin 2012-7-6 11:30:00
·Chinese language gains growing popularity among Vietnamese students 2012-7-5 16:37:00
·US students visit sweet potato farms 2012-7-5 16:35:00
·Nice work, if you can get it! 2012-7-5 16:24:00
·Four years on the NWSUAF campus 2012-7-5 16:21:00
·Pooling talent with China 2012-7-5 16:18:00
·Belgium to launch new program for youth with China 2012-7-4 16:09:00
·11th Chinese Bridge Competition opens in central China 2012-7-4 16:06:00
·The time of farewell--the last Chinese lesson in Loose Junior School 2012-7-4 15:50:00
·UW-Platteville Confucius Institute hosts Exploring Chinese Culture 2012: Resources and Activities 2012-7-4 15:47:00
·A Friendship Bridge jointly built by Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia and Bank of China 2012-7-4 15:43:00
·Confucius Institute successfully held the 2012 Confucius Cup Martial Arts Competition 2012-7-4 15:42:00
·LSE public panel discussion organized by the Confucius Institute for Business London 2012-7-4 15:37:00
·UKCI part of West Jessamine High School's Asian Immersion field trip 2012-7-4 15:36:00
·English Beauty Learns Sizhou Opera 2012-7-2 16:35:00
·Gov't allocates 10 mln USD for overseas Afghan students 2012-7-2 16:32:00
·Lecture held at the ASEAN-China Centre to promote "Study in ASEAN" 2012-7-2 16:19:00
·American Scholar came to the University of Valencia to lecture Theory of Ying and Yang 2012-7-2 15:47:00
·Making posters to celebrate the 2012 Olympics 2012-7-2 15:42:00
·A Special Chinese Language Learning Experience 2012-7-2 15:39:00
·JiangXi University of Science and Technology Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with KPDI 2012-6-29 15:58:00
·Graduation Ceremony 2012 Held in JiangXi University of Science and Technology 2012-6-29 15:55:00
·CIUA celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with local Chinese 2012-6-29 15:48:00
·Preparations before Journey 2012-6-29 10:34:00
·Four years on the NWSUAF campus 2012-6-28 16:45:00
·Cambridge University Press launches new series of translated Chinese works 2012-6-28 16:08:00
·Chinese language gains growing popularity among Vietnamese students 2012-6-28 16:06:00
·A LSE public lecture and panel was held by the Confucius Institute for Business London 2012-6-28 15:22:00
·One hundred thank you letters came from American teachers and students 2012-6-28 15:20:00
·The crew of the Xiamen sailboat visit CIUA 2012-6-28 15:19:00
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