·Overseas Students Should Play Greater Role in Promoting Ties 2012-6-12 16:24:00
·Malagasy mandarin-program delegation completes successful China visit 2012-6-12 15:45:00
·Perfect delicacy,multi-culture integration 2012-6-12 15:38:00
·A Lively Graduation Ceremony of Children's Chinese Classes 2012-6-12 15:36:00
·Amman TAG-Confucius Institute Received the Award of Excellence in Education from King Hussein Foundation 2012-6-11 17:22:00
·2012 Chinese bridge-the Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students ended smoothly in Myanmar division 2012-6-11 17:20:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poland Held International Symposium "The First World Comparative Education Study and Confucius Institutes" 2012-6-11 17:17:00
·The Blue Night 2012-6-11 17:15:00
·The Minister Becomes a Student-Minister Cannon begins Mandarin lessons with UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland 2012-6-11 17:12:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland:Series of Cultural Lectures "China in Transition" 2012-6-8 15:34:00
·First YCT Exam Held by Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University 2012-6-8 15:23:00
·2012 Teacher Training Workshop in Baguio City for Local Chinese Teachers 2012-6-8 15:21:00
·Ningxia Hui sends students to Dubai for cultural training 2012-6-7 17:10:00
·Tai Ji makeyour life happier 2012-6-7 16:59:00
·Great Success of MusicalThe Butterfly Lovers in London 2012-6-7 16:55:00
·Confucius Institute Organized the Chinese Character Hand Writing Contest 2012-6-7 16:54:00
·The 11th "Chinese Bridge" Competition Pakistani Zone Qualifiers Successfully Concluded 2012-6-7 16:52:00
·Olympics brings passion Mandarin brings opportunity--CCTV5 came into Cornwallis Academy 2012-6-7 16:46:00
·Delegation of TUT Visited Adam Mickiewicz University and Confucius Institute 2012-6-6 15:56:00
·The 3rd Shanghai MBA Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Successfully Held 2012-6-6 15:49:00
·Parents-child Campaign Conveys Green Consumption Idea 2012-6-6 15:43:00
·ECUST-ESCEM Joint Program Invited to CCIFC 20th Anniversary Gala 2012-6-6 15:42:00
·Breaking down the best universities for studying Chinese 2012-6-6 15:13:00
·A Norwegian in China 2012-6-6 15:09:00
·CCNU Scholarship(2012) 2012-6-6 14:36:00
·Centers help foreigners register 2012-6-5 15:33:00
·Confucius Institute and Sinohydro visited Zambian Orphanage on Children's Day 2012-6-5 14:53:00
·Czech Successfully Held the First New HSK 2012-6-5 14:52:00
·Traditional ChineseMedicine Lecture Offered by Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University Was Warmly Received 2012-6-5 14:49:00
·The establishing of the Association of Yangon Chinese Teachers 2012-6-5 14:47:00
·Fuxing Confucius Classroom in Myanmar hand in hand with Yangon Foreign Language University opened the first Chinese training class for Burmese staff of Chinese-invested enterprises 2012-6-5 14:43:00
·China-US exchange programs flourishing 2012-6-5 14:28:00
·Finding the perfect remedy 2012-6-5 14:22:00
·Lancaster University Discussed Study Tour Program--Lancaster University/GDUFS IIE Study Tour Programme Discussed During Visit to IIE 2012-6-5 14:19:00
·Together, We Can Make It Amazing 2012-6-5 14:16:00
·Study in China key to future careers: American students 2012-6-1 16:15:00
·22m Chinese seek immigration to US: study 2012-6-1 16:14:00
·Confucius Institutes help spread Chinese culture globally 2012-6-1 16:10:00
·First YCT Test in Zambia held by Confucius Institute at UNZA 2012-6-1 15:46:00
·Affection outpouring from Chinese calligraphy with brush and ink Splendid story on friendship between China and Zambia occurred 2012-6-1 15:45:00
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