·CI at the University of Kentucky Speeds up Preparation for New HSK and YCT Tests 2012-6-28 15:17:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland Held Kite Playing at a Primary School 2012-6-28 15:15:00
·Confucius Institute promotes Chinese language and culture worldwide 2012-6-27 16:38:00
·Confucius Institute promotes China-Hungary educational, cultural exchanges: Hungarian official 2012-6-27 16:14:00
·Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University Co - sponsors the 2012 China - U.S. Childrens Literature Symposium 2012-6-27 16:05:00
·Italian Minister of Education Visiting the Summer Camp for the Students from Convitto Nazionale "Vittorio Emanuele 2" di Rome 2012-6-27 16:02:00
·Ivy US- China Youth Elite Exchange Program 2012-6-26 15:49:00
·EU to triple student exchanges with China by 2018 2012-6-26 15:47:00
·Pretty graduates from Civil Aviation University of China 2012-6-26 15:20:00
·Permanent residents, international students to pay more school fees from 2013 2012-6-26 15:18:00
·Concert "WuLanMuQi - The Mongolian Steppe Troupe" 2012-6-26 15:09:00
·The amazing world of Chinese seals 2012-6-26 15:08:00
·Inauguration of Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools 2012-6-26 15:06:00
·Thailand requests 10,000 Chinese language teachers from China 2012-6-25 16:23:00
·Foreign students greet Dragon Boat Festival in E China 2012-6-25 16:03:00
·Education Special: Going abroad, closer to home 2012-6-25 15:38:00
·Vbw Academic Fair 2012 2012-6-25 15:30:00
·US-China Youth Dialogue unfolded in GDUFS 2012-6-21 16:05:00
·China Says No Anti-Foreigner Trend-----The opening-up policy will continue and the country''s society is inclusive and harmonious 2012-6-21 16:00:00
·Student exchange gets friendlier 2012-6-21 15:58:00
·Students share US-China ties 2012-6-21 15:46:00
·China-US exchange programs flourishing 2012-6-20 16:05:00
·Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Malaysian Sime Darby Foundation 2012-6-20 16:02:00
·Chinese Higher Education Exhibition Successfully Held in Tanzania and Kenya 2012-6-20 15:59:00
·Chinese Culture Shine in Oklahoma "Chinese Dinosaur Exhibition"-Confucius Institute at the University of Oklahoma held the opening event for "Chinese Dinosaur Exhibition at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History 2012-6-20 15:54:00
·Confucius Institute at UNZA Achieved New Development Language and Kongfu Classes Started Simultaneously 2012-6-20 15:49:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland held Spectacular Experiencing Cultural Lectures on Traditional Chinese Peking Opera and Shadow Puppetry 2012-6-20 15:43:00
·Beijing No. 19 High School 2012-6-20 14:26:00
·Premier Wen's visit to further promote Sweden-China ties: Swedish PM 2012-6-19 15:19:00
·Li Changchun visits Oxford University 2012-6-19 15:15:00
·Ensure Rights to Education for Children of Migrant Workers 2012-6-19 15:13:00
·The First Chinese Teaching Location of Confucius Institute at UNZA--LIBES Held Graduation Ceremony for Its First Basic Chinese Language Class 2012-6-18 16:19:00
·Foreigners learn to make "Zong Zi" ahead of Dragon Boat Festival 2012-6-18 16:05:00
·15 Puzzles about China--The Confucius Institute of Artois assisted an alternative lecture 2012-6-14 17:10:00
·Chinese Language Course of Confucius Institute was Opened at Ministry of Finance in Sudan. 2012-6-14 17:08:00
·Booming Confucius institutes enhance China's soft power 2012-6-13 15:45:00
·Education Special: Going abroad, closer to home 2012-6-13 15:44:00
·A General Introduction to Universities in China 2012-6-13 15:40:00
·European Confucius institutes' symposium continues to champion cause of Chinese language, culture 2012-6-13 15:37:00
·Confucius Institute in Britain promotes better understanding about China 2012-6-13 15:32:00
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