·Cambridge University Press launches new series of translated Chinese works 2012-4-20 9:44:00
·Agri-giant launches innovative talent scholarship in China 2012-4-20 9:38:00
·Campbell Co. to offer Chinese classes in 2013-14 2012-4-20 9:32:00
·Queen's University to establish presence at campus in China 2012-4-19 15:47:00
·GHS student awarded scholarship to study in China 2012-4-19 15:45:00
·Irish Prime Minister Delivers Speech at Tsinghua 2012-4-17 15:20:00
·Stanford's Beijing Senior Management Summit held at PKU 2012-4-17 15:17:00
·China-Australia Futures Dialogues held in Brisbane, Australia 2012-4-17 15:12:00
·President Yang Visited Normal Universities in Taiwan 2012-4-17 15:01:00
·The Delegation Group of St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria Came to Visit CUG 2012-4-17 14:54:00
·The Group of Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Came to CUG for Investigation 2012-4-17 14:52:00
·The Signing Ceremony of Science and Education Strategic Alliance Was Held in Beijing 2012-4-17 14:47:00
·CUG Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Jingzhou City 2012-4-17 14:44:00
·China University of Geosciences Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Jingzhou City 2012-4-17 14:41:00
·China's Madame Liu hails NI bond(UKPA) -- 3 days ago 2012-4-17 14:36:00
·The First 2012 Orient-Five Universities Admission Fair 2012-4-17 14:31:00
· US, China honor joint education program 2012-4-17 14:27:00
·UTCI Local Chinese Teacher Training WorkshopIn Search of Best Practices in Teaching Chinese 2012-4-16 16:28:00
·Opole Confucius Institute participated in the International Conference on Chinese themes 2012-4-16 16:24:00
·Confucius Classroom Opening Ceremony held at Confucius Institute of Troy University, Alabama-China Week crowned with success 2012-4-16 16:21:00
·Switching off the lights one hour for the benefit of generation ----- Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia responds to the headquarters' call to practice the philosophy of environmental protection 2012-4-16 16:15:00
·Fifth Chinese Speech and Performance Contest Successfully Held at Purdue University 2012-4-16 15:54:00
·China to boost overseas Chinese-language education 2012-4-13 15:35:00
·Canada's Governor General Johnston becomes honorary doctor of China's Nanjing University 2012-4-13 15:34:00
·Study in Asia Scholarship Program 2012-4-13 14:13:00
·Confucius Institute at Philadelphia University, Jordan Holds the First HSK Test and Achieves Great Success 2012-4-13 14:02:00
·Round Table Education Symposium, Sculpture Lecture, Chinese Culture Exhibition and American Students' Performance 2012-4-13 13:58:00
·Confucius Classroom Opening Ceremony held at Confucius Institute of Troy University, Alabama-China Week crowned with success 2012-4-13 13:49:00
·CCNU Admission Programs (2012) 2012-4-12 15:44:00
·Britain sets up world's first Confucius Institute in Traditional Chinese Medicine 2012-4-11 9:12:00
·More British students going to China under gov't scholarships 2012-4-11 9:07:00
·Meet Chinese Culture in the Confucius Institute for Scotland 2012-4-10 14:04:00
·UTD Confucius Institute Held 2012 Selective Contest of "Chinese Bridge" Successfully 2012-4-10 13:55:00
·A Delegation from Laurentian University Visits JUST 2012-4-10 9:57:00
·Spring breeze blows into a nursing home--A report on the China Day Activity in a nursing home organized by the Confucius Institute at Wroclaw University, Poland 2012-4-9 15:06:00
·Seminar on Enhancing Higher Education Internationalization 2012-4-9 14:56:00
·Vietnam alumni visit Guangxi Normal University 2012-4-9 14:48:00
·PSU Delegation Visits JiangXi Univerysity of Science and Technology 2012-4-9 11:37:00
·Sino-Thai Joint Cultural Show 2012-4-9 11:27:00
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