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The 2015-2016 Foreign Teacher Recruitment of Guiyang Vocational and Technical College

Posted:Sep 17, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
1. The Introduction of Guiyang Vocational and Technical College
Our college is sponsored by the Guiyang people’s government. It is a full-time comprehensive open vocational and technical college. There are four main specialized groups: rail transition (railway & urban railway), urban-rural planning and construction, finance and information technology (e-business), food and medicine study, and chemical industry. The college covers an area of 871,333㎡with more than 48 majors , 2 Chinese-foreign cooperation majors, 1 national high-skilled personnel training base and 1 provincial open public training base. International students come from Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Mongolia, Vietnam, Tadzhikistan and India are studying in our college since 2013. This college is one of the Chinese top vocational and technical colleges which can recruit overseas students with rich international school management experience.
2. Job Description
With the development of our college, 7 foreign teachers who come from America, United Kingdom and Cambodia work in our college. To improve our teachers’ English level and the language ability of students, we do hope to recruit a foreign teacher to help us complete our teaching task.
(1) Job Vacancy: 1
(2) Job Content: Teaching English
(3) Location: Guiyang, China
(4) Teaching Time: 20 hours/week, 45mins/course
(5) Registration Date: 15/10/2015
3. Payment
(1) 4000 RMB/ Month
(2) Teaching Bonus: The college will evaluate the teaching results of every teacher two times of each school term. Teachers who receive distinction in their evaluation can get the bonus.
(3) Our college will buy medical insurance and insurance for foreign teacher.
(4) We will pay the visa fee in China for foreign teacher. (only once)
4. Basic Conditions
(1) English is the first language.
(2) The candidate should have excellent communication skill and team-work spirit.
(3) Teaching experience is preferred.
5. Others
Only candidate who is short-listed can receive the inform of interview.
Telephone number: +86-0851-89780254