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Hello my name is Brian, a Cameroonian by nationality currently in Yulin University Shaanxi Province, People's Republic of China.

Studying Chinese language in China has been a wonderful experience so far because China is an ideal place for learning with very conducive environment and the teachers are great,wow! the people of China also been very friendly and helpful.

When i made the decision to study in China ,the first step was to look for a good university in my area of specialization.I needed someoneness i could talk to and help me in fascinating my search for a good university and the admission procedures,Wow!!God bless you Julie because meeting you was great.You help me answer the million questions i had patiently and made the right decision for me.My admission procedures was handled by you.You were reliable and good in all your services render to me.I got my admission and my student visa smoothly due your unrelenting efforts.I remember when i called you giving you my flight details,you told me it was your responsibility that arrives China and go to school safely so you will arrange for an airport pick up for me which i was grateful.

From time to time you still called me in school while in china to know how i was doing which to me gives some sense of belonging and comfort.

I am grateful Julie and shall recommend you anywhere and anybody because you are the best.You are not only a consultant be a person full of love towards humanity.

Talha Rubbani

“Thank you for your help, for a wonderful consultant from essay prep to general guidance and insight through the admissions process. it has been a pleasure! You can be sure that if I have further similar needs I will certainly do contact with you. It's been a tremendous help to me and great to have a consultant whose personnel I can rely on.” Talha Rubbani (Central Normal University)


My name is Ben and I'm from France. It can sometimes be very confusing to choose a university in this great country that is China. There are so many universities out there it is difficult to make a decision, and the information that can be found on the internet are often not accurate. Hopefully, study in China union's staff is here to answer all our questions and make it very easy to have access to information. Thanks to study in China staff, finding the right university and studying in China has never been easier ! Shenzhen University

Fosu Kings

I am a twenty-seven year old young man by name Fosu Kings and a Ghanaian by birth. Selecting China’s university out of the thousands of universities across the globe was a great challenge because many students may not want to opt for non-prestigious institutions. The many universities create a room for delusions which can or cannot be a vital platform for information, acquisition of admission, skills and technological know-how, better certification and the likes into the institutions. I chose Central South University because of the cordial and smooth exchange of questions and answers. The CSU’s tactical and comprehensive research as well as its methodologies under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic China motivates me a lot. This embraces the 16th out of 2000 universities rank in China. Due to these and many other un-enumerated reasons I boldly sign-in to China’s University specifically Central South University to obtain first class hand technological software engineering certificate.Thanks to studying in china Union Admissions.cn.

Beryl Obura

The Chinese education system is a mystery to so many people out there and I was one of them for years. This year I finally decided to find out for myself because I really wanted to study in China . I was surprised how direct and quick it was. Tina my contact person made me feel like I was the priority. She understood the time difference between our countries and she sent emails at the right time and this made communication between us so prompt. She gave me all the advice about the programs available in China and where they were. How much it would cost, how long it would take to study the program of my choice. So my decision making was very easy cause I was well informed. I was in China in no time studying at chongqing university of arts and sciences majoring in media and communication. This site is the most reliable way to apply and get into university if you want to come to China.

From Kenya


Admissions.cn helped me a lot with my application to Wuhan University. The staff were patient with me. They sent me not only the information about Chinese program in Wuhan University , but also tips on life and travel in China. It was a very good experience.


Dear Joyce,Thank you for all your help so far. I am currently at Yanbian University and really enjoying my studies. I think I will have another friend who is interested in studying the Chinese language.
 I think he will be more seriously consider this opportunity early next year. I will recommend him to you at that time.


Marco Förster

I'm so happy to hear from you and I am sooooo thankful for everything you did for me. 
I really enjoy my time at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics and like it so much... 
When there is someone who is interested in studying in China I will definitely recommend you as a big help.

When there is something else that I can do for you, just let me know. I'd love to help you!Greetings, Marco Förster