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Teaching Opportunities at China Three Gorges University

Posted:Sep 14, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
Information of China Three Gorges University (CTGU) for Foreign Teacher Candidates

I. Brief Introduction of CTGU
China Three Gorges University (CTGU) was founded on the 29th of June, 2000 in Yichang. CTGU is the sole university in Yichang area, which was merged by 4 former universities and colleges; the history of the earliest college can be traced back to 1946. CTGU is a comprehensive university, which has 29 colleges, 68 undergraduate programs covering nine fields, namely, science, engineering, medicine, arts, economics, management, law, education and fine arts. The university recruits students as well as teachers from all over the country and around the world.
II. Facts of Yichang
1. Location: Yichang City, the hydroelectric capital of the world, on the middle reaches of Yangtze river; a city famous for its tourist attractions and home to the construction of the Three Gorges Hydropower Project;
2. Area: Total area is 21,227 km2; Urban area is 4,249 km2, the second largest city in Hubei Province in terms of urbanization;
3. Population: 4,088,300
4. Temperature: Winter 0 - 10 Celsius Degree; Summer 25 - 38 Celsius Degree
III. Facts of CTGU
1. Total area of CTGU: 378.7 Hectares
2. Fixed Assets: 3.96 billion RMB
3. Buildings: 3 athletic fields, 1 stadium, 1 gymnasium, 1 library building, 5 student apartment compounds and dozens of other buildings;
4. Number of students: 24,373 undergraduates, 3,308 postgraduates, 1048 overseas students,
5. Number of staffs: 1,985 teaching staffs, including 397 professors, 921 associate professors and 18 foreign teachers from America,England,Japan,France,etc;
6. Facilities: Grocery store, Supermarket, Restaurant, Gymnasium, Indoor Swimming pool, Library, Infirmary are on campus;
7. Transportation: Bus stop is 20 meters away from apartment; train and long-distance bus station are 4 km away from CTGU; airport is 25 km away from CTGU; nearest hospital is 1 km away from CTGU.
IV. Employment Information
1. Education background: Bachelor’s degree or above, more than 2 years’ relevant working experience.
2. Holidays: Winter vacation (around 1 month), 7-day National Day, 3-day New Years’ Day, 3-day Tomb-sweeping Day, 3-day Labors’ Day, 3-day Dragon-boat Festival, 1-day Mid-autumn Day, 1-day Thanksgiving Day, 2-day Christmas;
3. Student age range: 18-22 years old;
4. Number of students in class: 15-50 students in one class;
5. Students’ English level: 6 years of Learning English in Middle school;
6. Workload: 16 classes per week, 45 minutes per class;
7. Payment: 4,500 RMB/month for Bachelor degree holder; 5,000 RMB/month for Master degree holder;
8. Airfare refund: Maximum of 12,000 RMB reimbursement for round-way plane ticket (economic class), based on the receipts and itinerary paper provided by air companies or travel agencies;
9. Traveling allowance: 2,200 RMB for 1 year;
10. Medical insurance: Medical insurance and accidental insurance provided (within mainland China);
11. Apartment utility Bill: CTGU covers house expenses including rental fee, electricity, water, gas, television signal, broadband service, which all together costs 2,500 yuan per month on average;
12. Estimated personal cost: Around 1,000 RMB for basic food and necessities cost per month by teacher;
13. Apartment location: Inside campus, teachers and staffs’ apartment community;
14. Apartment: 50 - 70 m2; 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom with western-style toilet;
15. Facilities provided: TV set, couch, beds, beddings, utensils, fridge, furniture, washing machine, hot water shower, air-conditioners, microwave, toast oven and Internet service;
16. Chinese Learning Class: if more than 2 persons at the same language level want to study Chinese, we can arrange one or two free classes every week);
17. Other activities: CTGU organizes a TGIF Party with a special theme every one two months for foreign teachers and students.
V. Procedures
1. Candidate provides scanned copy of passport, diploma and credentials, passport-sized photo, resume, physical examination report (designated physical examination form), recommendation letter of current employer, TESOL or TEFL certificate(for English teachers)and post address and telephone number;
2. Verification and Evaluation process;
3. Candidate signs the scanned copies of contract provided by CTGU;
4. CTGU applies visa documents in Chinese Foreign Affairs’ authority;
5. CTGU Posts the documents to teacher;
6. Teacher goes to nearest Chinese Embassy, Consulate, or visa office to apply for one-month Z-visa (work visa) with the documents, please check on the website of the visa offices;
7. Teacher purchases airplane ticket to Yichang with the date of arrival in one week before the contract term starts;
8. CTGU staffs receive teachers in Sanxia Airport (Yichang) and teachers move into provided apartment;
9. CTGU goes to Local PSB for teacher’s Resident Registration;
10. CTGU staff helps teacher to open a bank card;
11. Teacher goes to market to buy some necessities, mobile phone and SIM card if necessary;
12. Teacher goes to assigned college to take textbooks and meets with co-teachers;
13. Physical Examination in designated hospital in China;
14. CTGU and teacher sign a paper contract;
15. CTGU goes to provincial capital to apply for work permit for teacher;
16. Teacher applies for Resident Permit for one year in PSB.
VI. Contact
Xiao Ping (Foreign Teachers’ affairs Officer)
Department of International Relations, China Three Gorges University
8 University Avenue, Yichang 443002, Hubei Province, P. R. China
中国湖北省宜昌市大学路8 号 三峡大学国际合作与交流处 443002
Tel: +86 (0) 717 6393893
Fax: +86 (0) 717 6393309