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Teaching English at NCEPU (Beijing, China)

Posted:Nov 06, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted

Teaching English at NCEPU (Beijing, China)
I. Position Information:
Organization: North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) (Beijing, China)
Position: English language teachers ( four vacancies)
Starting: from late February of 2016
II. Job Descriptions:
To teach speaking, listening, or writing English for college students;
Monday – Friday (workload: 16 hours per week);
III. Qualifications:
Native speakers of English;
A BA/​BS, MS, or PhD degree (all majors considered) from an accredited university;
Two years of teaching experience (doesn’t have to be English-teaching experience);
A TESOL/TEFL certificate ;
IV. Benefits:
Working visa (Z visa) sponsorship 
Yearly income of 144,600RMB ~ 163,800RMB (23,666USD~ 26,809 USD), including:
Salary in cash: 76,800 RMB ~ 96,000RMB (12,570 USD ~ ¥15,712USD );
On-campus well-furnished apartment: valued at 42,000RMB per year; 
Transportation allowance: 12,000RMB; 
International airfare: 8,000RMB; 
Travel allowance: 4,000RMB;
Utility subsidy: 1,800RMB. 
Medical Insurance;
Paid Summer and Spring vacations (about 3 months per year)
V. Contact Information:
Department of International Cooperation
North China Electric Power University
2 Beinong Road, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102206
VI. Contact Person:
Mr. Chunming Duan   Ms Guosheng Huang
Fax: +86-10-61772342,,