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Recruit Information of Chuzhou University

Posted:Oct 15, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted

Recruit Information of Chuzhou University
Chuzhou University is located in Chuzhou city of Anhui Province which is adjacent to Nanjing and Hefei. Chuzhou University is a comprehensive undergraduate university and has 15 schools. With the perfect facilities for research and beautiful surroundings, it is an ideal place for teaching and researching.
I. Vacancies:
1 English Language Teacher, 1 Business English Teacher

II. Requirements for applicants
1) Native speakers, Bachelor degree or above and certificate of TEFL/TESL(teaching English as Second/Foreign language), 2-year's teaching experience
2) Respect Chinese customs and culture, confirm to Chinese morality, accept Chinese present situation
3) Healthy
4) Honest and faithful
5) Accept and comply with all rules of teaching and living on campus
III. Salary: 6000RMB per month, 16 classes per week
IV. Living treatment
1) A decorated apartment on the campus with a separated bathroom and a kitchen and necessary living facilities (such as furniture, TV set, fridge, washing machine, bedclothes, cookers etc)
2) Air ticket: 10,000RMB for one-year contract.
3) Travel allowance: 3,000RMB for every year 
4) Vacation with payment
5) Free of charge for using Internet connection /access (ADSL) / water / gas , limited free supply of electricity
V. Materials you should provide:
1) Resume(including birthday, address, education background, work experience etc)
2) Copies of graduation certificate, professional certificate (TEFL/TESL certificate if you have)
3) Copy of passport
4) Copy of the physical examination record
5) Recommendation letter
If you are interested or still have any queries, please contact international office. Welcome to Chuzhou University, we will try our best to provide best teaching and living conditions.
Address: International Office of Chuzhou University, 1528 Fengle Road, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, China
Postcode: 239000
Tel: 0086-(0)550-3510898
Fax: 0086-(0)550-3518066
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