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Qinghai Nationalities University Recruits English Foreign Teacher

Posted:Sep 29, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
Qinghai Nationalities University Recruits English Foreign Teacher
1. Brief Introduction of Qinghai Nationalities University
Founded in December 1949, Qinghai Nationalities University was the earliest university in Qinghai Province and one of the earliest nationalities universities in China. It is also the first batch of units in China which is granted the right to award master degree. In 2009, the university signed cooperation agreement with Beijing University of Technology. Qinghai Provincial Government and State Ethnic Affairs Commission signed an agreement to construct Qinghai Nationalities University jointly in 2011. In 2012, the Ministry of Education assigned Tianjin University to offer pairing-assistance to Qinghai Nationalities University.
Having 15 colleges and 5 teaching and research departments at present, the university fosters students in literature, science, law, economics, management, history, medicine and engineering.   It has 1135 faculty members, together with 12,000 students who come from 31 provinces and autonomous regions and who are of 39 ethnic groups including Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Salar, Mongolian, etc. Up to now, the university has trained 78 thousand qualified graduates.
Qinghai Nationalities University is the certified education unit that approved by the education department to recruit and cultivate foreign students , it is also the university that is authorized to cultivate students in getting government scholarship. Up to now, there are more than 200 foreign students in the university. Qinghai Nationalities University has cooperative relationships with Technical University Dresden, Nanzan University, University of Malaya, Fort Hays State University, Hannam University of Korea, Sudan Africa International University and Taiwan Chin-yi University of Science and Technology, Fo Guang University, etc.
Having been approved by the National Ministry of Education as a university to recruit overseas students and receive China Government Scholarship students, Qinghai Nationalities University now has more than 200 international students studying on the campus, coming from over 30 countries and regions. In 2011, the  university won the title of “ Top Ten  Chinese Universities in the Eye of Foreign Students”, and in 2012, it was identified  as the only HSK IBT test centre in Qinghai Province. Qinghai Nationalities University has become a central base and window of external exchange and cooperation in the province.
2. Requirements: Master degree or above, majored in Arts, sociology, linguistics, English Education or related field are preferable. 
3. Recruiting Numbers: 1
4. Contact: Wang Ping
5. Tel: +86-971-8811192; 18409780376
6. Email: