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Job Offered by Shihezi University

Posted:Jan 15, 2016  Foreign Teacher Wanted
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Introduction to Shihezi University
Shihezi University is Located in Shihezi city famed as “the Bright Pearl in Gobi Desert”, north of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. Shihezi University has 61-year history and developed into a new-style modernized comprehensive university in the foremost western part of China and established a multi-level educational system: full-time undergraduate education, postgraduate education, high professional education, international student education. Shihezi University was co-constructed by the central government and XPCC in West China. Shihezi University was ranked among the key constructed university under the “211 project” in Dec 31, 2008. The University with 20 colleges offers ten fields of study: Agriculture, Medicine, Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, Management, Humanities, etc. and 4 Doctoral programs, 52 Master's programs, 66 Bachelors programs, and Peking University and Tianjin University centers for Doctoral programs.

Information of Recruitment
Shihezi University recruits long-term oversea faculty according to the demands of the schools/departments. Recruitment will be released at Job Availability. If you are interested in teaching and working at Shihezi University, please pay attention to our website for the latest information about the recruitment.

The Requirements 
1. For Academic Faculty: Ph.D. degree or above.
2. For Languages Faculty(English,Russian,Japanese,Arabic): Bachelor degree or above, 2 years of language teaching experience, excellent in language and literature of his/her own country.

Application Process
Step 1-- Applicants wishing to work at Shihezi University as long-term oversea faculty should submit the following materials:
a. A detailed Curriculum Vitae
b. A photocopy of the first page of applicant's passport
c. Copies of degree certificates and relevant training certificates (TESL)
d. Photocopy of the physical examination report
e. 2 recommendation letters (If you have)
f. Certificate of Non-criminal Record
g. Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert tests
These materials required above may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Office of International Relations of Shihezi University
Step 2-- Upon receipt of the above-described materials, the OIR will confer with the appropriate university school/department and decide whether or not to approve your application.
Step 3-- For languages faculty, if your application is approved, an interview as well as one-hour teaching activity will be arranged for you.
For academic faculty, if your academic background is compatible with the school’s academic mission, your research area matches theirs, your current work gets their interest and appreciation, you will get approval of working at Shihezi U.
Step 4-- Once get the approval of working at Shihezi University, a working contract will be signed by the oversea faculty and Shihezi University.
Step 5-- After signing the working contract, the OIR staff will assist the oversea faculty to apply for foreign expert ID and Residence permit.

Benefits Package
Free accommodation on campus
 Monthly salary: 3500(RMB)
Workload:16 class hours per week (50 minutes per class hour)
Course to teach: oral language, reading, writing, literature
Air fare (RMB): Round way ticket for one-year contract

How to contact us?
Mr. Lukexu (Project Executive)
Office of International Relations
Tel: + 0086-993-2055730
Fax: + 0086-993-2055730
Add: Beisi Road, Shihezi University, Xinjiang 832003, P. R. China