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Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed at Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute

Posted:Sep 18, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted

☆ Information about Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed
I. Basic Requirement:
Native English Speakers with at least a Bachelor’s Degree;
Teaching experience in relevant field and certificates like TEFL/TESL are preferred.
II. Contract Length:
one academic year, contract renewed yearly.
III. Course Description: 
Oral English for students of International Education Department,;
IV. Workload & Salary: 
18 teaching hours per week and attending English corner per week;
RMB 6000 Yuan per month as basic salary for first two years, 7000RMB from the third year. Taking extra hour (more than 18 hours) would be paid 100 Yuan per hour.
V. Other Welfares: 
Free accommodation on campus, including water, electricity, gas (There are RMB 450 Yuan per month for living allowance if live off-campus); medical Insurance within the contract; a yearly travel allowance of RMB 2200 Yuan; the cost of Residence Permit will be paid by the college.
VI. Contact Information at YRCTI:
International Education Department
Name:  Cathy                     Nina
Tel:     86-371-23658036          23658698
☆ A Brief Introduction of Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute

Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute is located in Kaifeng, the famous historical traveling city. More than 1000 years ago, Kaifeng, an international metropolis, had more than one million populations as the capital of Song Dynasty. The bright culture created by Song Dynasty still plays an important part in this city now. 
The college was originally established in March, 1929, and its original name was the Hydraulic Engineering School. It was established by the famous person, Zhangfang, former officer of Henan Construction Department. And the first president was Chen Panling, graduated from construction engineering department of the state-run Beiyang University. 
In the long-term developing process, the college accumulated the rich experience and created the bright culture. And win the famous reputation in conservancy, surveying and mapping, mechanical and electrical fields. Near 60,000 graduates who works all over the country, most of them have become the backbone in their fields, and some have also become the experts, the scholar or the leaders. In Yellow River Conservancy Commission about 80% of the administrative cadres come from the Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute. So the college therefore has won the laudatory name ---“the Huangpu Military Academy” in Yellow River Conservancy Commission. 
The college now has 771 teaching and administrative staff and more than 12800 students. There are 589 teachers, including 120 professors and associate-professors, 177 dual-professional-title teachers, 9 doctors,120 masters. The college has 14 teaching departments, including the Water Conservancy Department,Survey Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department,Automation Engineering Department,Civil Engineering Department, Communications Engineering Department, Water Resources Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Finance and Economics Department, Management Department, Environment and Chemistry Engineering Department and one Adult Education School. The college has 48 specialties, among which there is 1 national top-quality specialty, 2 national teaching reform experimental specialties, 6 provincial teaching reform experimental specialties, further more, and the college has 4 national top-quality courses, which ranks the first in Henan.
The college covers an area of 1532 mu, 310 million RMB fixed assets, and more than 58,760,000RMB teaching equipments. The college has a batch of advanced teaching instruments, such as the GPS, GIS, the total station, the electronic level, and the SUN motor vehicle examination system, the CNC, the Mitsubishi PLC, and HP Gas Chromatography and so on. The library collects books 622,000 volume, has the campus net, the electronic reading room and the reading room. The college has 20 special and advanced comprehensive practical testing centers, and more than 70 practical teaching centers have been established, in the Yellow River Xiaolangdi multi-purpose dam, the Huayuankou hydrologic station and Three Gorges multi-purpose dam. The good environment advanced teaching equipment and excellent teachers are the reliable support for training the high quality talents.
The new campus is located in the high and new technology developed zone of Kaifeng. The scene is charming and magnificent. The traditional and modern construction styles blend in together, with the characteristics of humanism.
With guidance of the national policy of developing the vocational education, we confidently receive “Keeping promises, Blazing new trails, doing pioneering work, Cultivating capacities”, and try our best to found a national first-class higher vocational college.