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Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed at Wuxi Institute of Technology

Posted:Sep 15, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
☆Information about Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed at Wuxi Institute of Technology
I. Basic Requirement:
Native English/Japanese/German Speakers with at least a Bachelor’s Degree; Teaching experience in relevant field and certificates like TEFL/TESL are preferred.
II. Contract Length: One academic year, contract renewed yearly.
III. Course Description: 
1. Oral English/Japanese/German for students of Foreign Languages Department; 
2. Speaking and listening courses for joint-program students;
IV. Workload & Salary: 
16 teaching hours per week;
RMB 6000 Yuan per month as basic salary. Taking extra hour would be paid 100 Yuan per hour.

V. Other Welfares: 
Free accommodation on campus (There are RMB 1000 Yuan per month for living allowance if live off-campus);
Medical Insurance within the contract;
A flight ticket allowance of RMB 8000 Yuan when the contract expired;
The cost of health check and Residence Permit will be paid by the college.
VI. Contact Information at  Wuxi Institute of Technology :
Department of International Exchange and Cooperation 
Name: Doris Hu
Tel: +86-510-81838703    +86-13812540253
Fax: +86-510-81838702

 A Brief Introduction of Wuxi Institute of Technology

—A Great Homeland for Students; A Credible Partner for Enterprises
Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT), founded in March of 1959, is an independent and full-time public higher vocational institute, which was authorized by the National Education Ministry and is under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Education Office. WXIT is one of the first group of twenty-eight “National Higher Vocational Model Colleges”.  In 2012, WXIT has been approved to offer joint applied four-year educational programs together with Jiangsu University so as to train high-quality professional and technical talents at bachelor level.
WXIT, with two campuses of Zhongqiao Campus and Taihu Campus, is located near the beautiful Tai Hu Lake, and it occupies an area of 664,200 square meters.  At present it has about 12,000 full-time students living and studying on campus and has a faculty of more than 780.
WXIT has 14 academic schools and sections: School of Mechanical Technology, School of Automatic Control Technology, School of Internet of Things Technology, School of Automobile and Transportation Technology, School of Management, School of Finance and Economics, School of Foreign Languages and Tourism, School of Fine Arts and Design, Section of General Education, Section of Social Science, Section of Physical Education, School of Further Education, Industrial Center and School of International Education. The setting of the institute’s programs mainly focuses on the backbone industry of Jiangsu—manufacturing, and there are currently about 40 programs suitable for the manufacturing industry-chain as well as economical development including core industries, relevant industries and additional industries. Among them, there are 4 National Key Programs such as CNC Technology Application, Automobile Technology and Service, etc.; 8 Provincial Key Programs or Brand Programs such as Mold Design and Manufacturing, Computer Science and Technology, Marketing, etc.; 3 National Mechanical Industrial Brand Programs such as Software Technology, etc.
WXIT has been committed to providing quality education and training excellent talents with good professional skills and innovation spirit, strong social responsibility and professional ethics, positive entrepreneurship and healthy physique. With high educational quality, high employment rate and humanized students service, the institution has become a trustworthy partner for local community and enterprises, and therefore become one of the best choice among the higher vocational and technical colleges for the high school graduates within the province.
WXIT has been continuously forging ahead on the way of internationalization in the field of higher vocational education. In 2004, WXIT became the first affiliate member of the American Association Community Colleges for International Development (CCID). Currently, WXIT has established exchange and cooperation with various colleges and educational institutions from over 10 countries and regions such as America, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc. In 2005, WXIT commenced with the joint-education program of “International Business (Global Marketing)” with TAFE Southwestern Sydney Institute, Australia. In 2009, WXIT started the joint program of “Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation” with Pitt Community College, North Carolina, USA. In addition, WXIT has worked with NIIT in India for the program of Software Technology and set two top-up programs with several overseas universities and colleges. Still, WXIT is on the march of upgrading the internationalization of vocational education to the next level.
The 12th“Five-year”is the most strategic period for the development of higher vocational education in China. WXIT is trying to seize this opportunity, push the strategy of “Developing with Quality, Reinforcing with Talents, and Prospering with Culture”, and achieve the objective of developing into a “domestic top-ranking and internationally-recognized higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics”.