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Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed at Tourism and Culture College of YUN!

Posted:Sep 11, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
☆ Information about Full-Time Foreign Teachers Needed
I. Basic Requirement:
Native English/Japanese/German Speakers with at least a Bachelor’s Degree; 
Teaching experience in relevant field and certificates like TEFL/TESL are preferred.
II. Contract Length:
one academic year,contract renewed yearly.

III. Course Description: 
1. Oral English/Japanese/German for students of Foreign Languages Department, Tourism Department or Economic Department;
2. American Literature and British Literature for English majors ;
3. Japanese Culture for Japanese majors.
IV. Workload & Salary: 
14 teaching hours per week and attending English/Japanese/German corner per week;
RMB 5000 Yuan per month as basic salary for first two years, 5500RMB from the third year.Taking extra hour(more than 14 hours) would be paid 100 Yuan per hour.
V. Other Welfares: 
Free accommodation on campus, including water, electricity, gas (There are RMB 450 Yuan per month for living allowance if live off-campus);
Medical Insurance within the contract;
A yearly holiday allowance of RMB 2200 Yuan;
A travel allowance of RMB 8000 Yuan when the contract expired;
The cost of Residence Permit will be paid by the college.
VI. Contact Information at Tourism and Culture College of Yunnan University:
International Exchange and Coorperation Center
Name: Ida
Tel: 86-888-5115553  15812241814
Fax: 86-888-5115553 

☆ A Brief Introduction of Tourism and Culture College of Yunnan University

Tourism and Culture College of Yunnan University was founded in 2002 at Lijiang city. In 2004, it was the first batch for the independent college confirmed by the Ministry of Education.
The college is located in Yuquan Road, Old Town District, Lijiang, which is near to Liiang Old Town and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It occupies 1,500 acres of independent campus, more than 300,000 square meters of building area. There are 180 million copies of books, and over 50 million kinds of teaching equipments in the college.It has built up a thousand Katherine campus network bandwidth, fixed assets worth more than 500 million yuan. There are more perfect teaching and sports facilities such as laboratory, language laboratory, multimedia classrooms, public computer rooms, football field, basketball courts, volleyball courts, golf training ground and other training sites. Currently, there are 17,712 full-time students studying in the college. So far there are nearly 16,000 qualified students graduated from the college, and the employment rate of graduates remains at 95%, which has made great contribution to the country’s economic construction and social development.
There are eight departments in the college, including Accounting Department, Economics Department, Tourism Management Department, Literature and Journalism Department, Art Department, Foreign Languages Department, Information Science and Technology Department and Basic Education Department. Now there are 5 kinds of discipline, 13 first level disciplines and 22 undergraduate majors in the college. The college initially formed a practical undergraduate talents training system that is characterized by economics, literature, management, art, technology and other five major professional disciplines. There are 5 literature majors (including Chinese Language and Literature, International Chinese Education, Journalism, English, Japanese), 3 economics majors (including Economics, Finance, International Economic and Trade), 8 management majors (including Information Management and Information System, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Culture Industry Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management), 4 art majors (including Animation, Visual Communication Design, Environment design, Product design), and 2 engineering majors (including Electronic and Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology), therein Artistic Designing,Tourism Management and English Majors are featured as provincial characteristic specialized construction points. Tourism Management has been ranked in provincial level as trial of comprehensive reform. The college has set up an outstanding group of teaching staff. The full-time teachers above assistant professor or Master Degree in the total number of teachers occupied over 30%. There are more than ten foreign teachers come from USA, UK and Japan.
The college pays high attention to practice teaching and constantly strengthens the construction of experiment and practice bases. There are 103 experiment and practice training rooms on campus, which occupied over 30,000 square meters in gross area and allocated more than 50 different kinds of instructional software. Therein the Art and Design Teaching Practice Center(practical teaching demonstration center of provincial level) of Art Department is equipped with 10 training rooms including national painting process and national graphic design;the Catering Comprehensive Practice Center (named Clovers Coffee House) of Tourism Department combined the teaching and business activities. Practical training of some courses like Tourism Service and Etiquette, Food & Beverage Service, Tea Art Training,etc can be carried out simultaneously. Meanwhile,the college cooperates with related enterprises and industries to set up 53 practical teaching bases off campus, in which 44 ones in Yunnan Province and 9 outside the province.
The campus environment is primitive simplicity and elegant, the buildings with Naxi and Bai Nationality architecture style on the campus were praised as “Architecture Design Award for the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China” by the Architectural Society of China and “Architectural Silver Design” by National Ministry of Construction, which is the only unit received the honor in Yunnan province. Also the college was awarded "Yunnan Garden Unit" title by Yunnan Institute of Housing and Construction Department. Beautiful campus environment and advanced teaching facilities provide a comfortable living environment and good study condition for students.
The college always adheres to implement the party and national education policy, adheres to the socialist direction, sticks to training talents with high quality and practical technical skills, lays emphasis on the combination of theory and practice, strengthens students' application ability, takes the practice training as the priority. We devote our efforts to constructing the college into the national first-class independent college with distinct characteristics. Our education achievements and management level are fully affirmed by different sectors of the society, and have received more than 20 awards until now. The college was granted as “Excellent General Higher School” by the Education Association of Yunnan Province in 2010, the “National Private Higher Education Institutions of Excellence” by the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education in 2011, “Civilization School in Yunnan Province” by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education in 2012, “Advanced Unit of High School Teaching Management in Yunnan Province” by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education in 2013; and passed the teaching evaluation of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education with excellent results in 2014.