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Foreign Teaching Faculty Positions 2015 at Sanya University

Posted:Sep 16, 2015  Foreign Teacher Wanted
Foreign Teaching Faculty Positions 2015 at Sanya University

1. Brief Introduction to Sanya University
Sanya University is a comprehensive private university authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. Currently, the University campus covers an area of 200 hectares, with a total floor space of more than 500 thousand square meters. Today, the University accommodates a student population of nearly 20,000 and a teacher population of more than 1,000. Sanya University has fourteen schools plus one teaching departments, and offers Bachelor courses and degrees in a wide range of 59 majors, covering disciplines such as Law, Humanities, Economics, Management, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, and Education. Since the establishment of the University, more than fifty world-famous foreign universities have taken the initiative to approach the University to negotiate cooperative possibilities. So far, Sanya University has established close partnership with the University of Miami, Moscow State University, Voronezh State University, Dhurakij Pundit University and  the University of Warwick, and it has started to recruit international students since 2011.

Since the establishment in 2004, Sanya University has secured steadfast development and its educational philosophy and talents-cultivation mode has got the general consent of the society. Sanya University has been put into the ranks of China’s top-class private higher educational institutes(HEI) since 2012 and its ranking has been going up year after year. Recently, the University has been awarded China’s five-star and top-class private HEI, released by “an evaluation report on 2015 China’s university”, leaping to top three on the list of China’s comprehensive private HEI.

2. Vacancies
Position 1: English Lecturers For Undergraduate Students (English Majors) at the School of Foreign Languages
Position 2: English Lecturers For Undergraduate Students (Non-English Majors) at relevant Schools
* Courses are to be assigned based on the applicant’s qualifications and demand specifications in different Schools of SYU.
3. Teaching Staff Criteria
(1) Qualification
The qualified candidates should be:
under 65 years old;
native speaker of English;
Bachelor Degree at least, with 2 years formal teaching experience in higher educational institute(Priority is given to Master Degree holders)
(2) Workload: 16 class hours per week normally plus a couple of office hours
(3) In excellent physical condition; all applicants must take and pass the physical fitness test
(4) No undesirable conduct   
(5) Professional and wholehearted commitment to teaching; willingness to cooperate with colleagues and departmental leaders is of utmost importance
(6) teachers’ qualification certificate, TEFL, ESL or CELTA is preferable
4. The candidates should provide the following materials:
(1)  Detailed CV
(2) Passport-sized photo
(3) Copy of passport photo page
(4) Copies of relevant certificates and diplomas, esp. the highest degree
(5)  Recommendation Letter or Employment Certificate from the previous employers for all teaching experiences, to confirm the years of teaching experience (if it is a Chinese institution, Recommendation Letter Form for the Foreign Teacher or Expert should be provided, as required for visa; if it is outside boarders, no limited form requirements)
(6) Detailed Health Check Report recently (report in the latest one year is preferable)
(7) Application Deadline: Faculty recruitment will continue until the positions are filled.
*These documentations should be sent electronically to this email:, with the file name of “***teacher + your name”, eg: English teacher + Tom.

5. Payment Standards for All Positions:
(1) Salary: In line with the regulations of the Human Resources Department of SYU and the candidate’s qualifications. 
(2) Housing Conditions: SYU provides free apartment with well-equipped furniture and bedding.
(3) Medical Insurance and Medical Allowance: Insurance, which is in full force and effect in mainland China, and a certain amount of medical allowance, is bought and provided by SYU.
(4) Other Welfare: food, transportation, and water and electricity allowance; parties or allowance for all foreign teachers in major holidays; etc.

6. Contact Information
Contacts: Nana Chen (English), Jerry Han (English), Linda Liu (Russian)
Phone No.: +86-898-88386171
Address: Room 326 International Affairs Department, Shuhai Building, Sanya University, College Road, Yingbin Ave., Sanya, Hainan, P. R. China
Zip Code: 572022
We warmly welcome the overseas talents to the beautiful “Oriental Hawaii”, beach city-Sanya, and to Sanya University, a university with tropical-garden style campus.