FAQs for Foreign Students to Study in China

1. What kind of organization is Admissions.cn and what services are provided?

Founded in 2004, Admissions.cn is now the world’s largest online platform for recruiting int’l students in China and provides free one-stop services including consultation, application, follow-up, fee payment and registration, having partnerships with more than 95% Chinese universities; we also offer language service, including interpretation and translation.

2. I want to study in China, but I don’t know much about Chinese universities. How should I choose a university?

You may visit www.admissions.cn for further information.
If you have any special requirement about a city or a district, we can recommend a local school to you.
Or you may add the WeChat account 15810086985 (Download WeChat: http://www.wechat.com/en) to have access to our special help.

3. How can I view the promotional videos and pictures of universities?

Please go to www.studyinchina.tv for details.

4. How many universities recruit international students?

Most Chinese universities do.

5. I want to study in China. How should I apply for a visa?

For a learning period of more than half a year, you should apply for X1 Visa by your Letter of Admission and JW202.
For a learning period of less than half a year, you should apply for X2 Visa by your Letter of Admission.
For a learning period of less than 2 months, you should apply for a tourist visa, namely, the L visa.

6. What is JW202?

JW202 refers to Visa Application for Study in China for self-supporting international students in China, which must be issued by universities. It’s an important document for international students to apply for visa, enter China, register with universities and get residence permit.

7. How are courses in Chinese universities classified?

Courses in Chinese universities mainly lie in the arts, the science, engineering, medicine, business administration and art; there’re also non-degree courses, such as Chinese, tea culture, cookery, kung fu, traditional Chinese opera and acrobatics.
For further information please go to www.admissions.cn for details on the home page.

8. How to search for hot majors and universities?

Please go to http://ranking.admissions.cn university for details.

9. How should foreign children apply for studying in primary schools and high schools in China?

Please go to http://www.internationalschool.cn for details.

10. I want to study Chinese in China but only for 3 months. Is it ok?

Surely. There’re two kinds of Chinese course: the long-term and the short-term. The long-term course lasts half a year at least and several years at most. The short-term course lasts several weeks at least and several months at most, including summer vacation course and winter vacation course.

11. Do universities offer accommodation?

The vast majority of Chinese universities do.

12. Are accommodations out of campus allowed?

Yes if the university allows. Please confirm with us before you apply for a certain university.

13. I want to study in China and I want to apply for a scholarship. How should I do that?

There’re many types of scholarships: Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Scholarship, local government scholarship , school scholarship etc, offering full or partial scholarship opportunities. More please see http://www.scholarship.vip. Please add our WeChat account 15810086985 for more information about the scholarship. You may download the App at http://www.wechat.com/en.

14. Can you brief the application Steps?

1) Log onto www.admissions.cn and register;
2) Choose the university and the major at www.admissions.cn;
3) Fill in the application form and upload required materials;
4) Pay entry fees;
5) Follow up the progress until you receive the admission result.

15. What materials should be submitted for application?

Application materials

Language learner




Visiting Student

Photocopy of valid passport

Application form

Language proficiency certificate

High school diploma and transcript

Undergraduate diploma and transcript

Graduate diploma and transcript

School program

Letter of Recommendation (at least by two associate professors or professors)

Medical Examination Report

16. What if my mailbox cannot receive your verification letter?

1) Please check whether the mailbox you fill is correct.
2) Then check whether the verification letter has been treated as a junk mail.
If you still cannot receive our verification letter after the two steps, please send a mail to help@admissions.cn or go to www.studyinchina.help to raise your questions and we’ll settle them as soon as possible.

17. What if I cannot upload my materials?

1) Before uploading your materials, please read over the tips on the right side of the page.
2) It’s better to use a computer for upload.
If still you cannot have materials uploaded, please send your materials to help@admissions.cn so that we can help you as soon as possible.

18. What if I cannot register an account on www.admissions.cn?

Please check whether you’ve filled in correct information or change to another browser. If you still cannot register or you have no convenient access to the computer, please send your email, name, nationality and favored major to help@admissions.cn so that we’ll help with your register and send you a reply.
And please rest assured that we’ll keep your personal information safe without revealing to any third party.

19. Which are the best comprehensive universities or professional universities in China (by comprehensive ranking and major ranking, for instance)?

There’s so far no authoritative university ranking in China, but the universities included in the so-called 211 Project and 985 Project generally show high education quality. Please log onto Admissions.cn for query or click on the following links for reference:

20. Can we use Facebook and Twitter in China like we do abroad? What is the major social networking software used in China?

Yes, you can, but you need to resort to VPN first. It’s not very convenient. The major social networking software used in China includes QQ and WeChat.

21. How can we find other students from our country?

Please add our WeChat account 15810086985 (Download WeChat: http://www.wechat.com/en) to look for your compatriots in China.

22. What kind of sports do Chinese university students do? Can foreigners take part?

There’re plenty of after-class activities in Chinese universities. You can choose to play basketball , football or join in different association clubs. Chinese students also love to have foreigners to join them.

23. How is the living expense in China?

Different cities have different levels of consumption. For instance, it generally costs 500 to 800 US dollars a month to live in Beijing. Please click on the following link for reference: http://www.studyinchina.help/article/6

24. If I don’t know Chinese at all, how can I settle my accommodation?

Before coming to China, please notify your flight information and the expected time you’ll arrive in China to your university or recruitment teacher. If your university would not offer airport pickup, please check in at licensed hotels with your passport and visa, as these hotels generally offer reception services in English. If you need translation, we also offer translation services in major languages around the world.