·College students spread love to migrants for Chinese Valentine's Day 2012-8-23 14:33:00
·Chinese Valentine's Day faces paradox of rising commercialization 2012-8-23 14:32:00
·Spaniard awarded for saving Chinese boy 2012-8-22 16:20:00
·US media: China is a 'Confucian country' 2012-8-21 16:59:00
·Chinese opera staged in Expo site 2012-8-16 16:04:00
·Chinese artists seek global influence in producing dramas, musicals 2012-8-16 16:02:00
·Chinese dance drama to be staged in Egypt, Qatar 2012-8-16 15:59:00
·Web China: American Sinologist delighted with netizens' support 2012-8-15 15:13:00
·Russian traveller finds China at hand to explore 2012-8-15 15:11:00
·Chinese athletes return from London 2012-8-15 15:09:00
·South Korea finishes 1-2 on Shenzhen Universiade cycling event 2012-8-15 15:07:00
·China's Authorized Patent of Invention Amounts to 1 Million 2012-8-15 14:55:00
·Who are we? -- An ultimate question facing Chinese immigrants in US 2012-8-14 17:01:00
·News Analysis: African scholars call on China to participate in continent's security 2012-8-13 17:11:00
·We need natvie English teachers! 2012-8-10 15:14:00
·Chinese, German Tibetologists exchange views on Tibet culture 2012-8-8 15:01:00
·Zimbabwean media group seeks more cooperation with China in new media development 2012-8-8 14:59:00
·China allocates 10.3 bln yuan of national scholarships, grants 2012-8-7 15:24:00
·Chinese VP pledges to deepen China-U.S. agricultural cooperation 2012-8-6 15:48:00
·Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Celebrates Its 85th Birthday and Frequently Adds Chinese Elements to Attract Chinese People 2012-8-6 15:17:00
·Chinese sci-fi saga to have English edition 2012-8-3 15:10:00
·Overseas Chinese in Sweden held culture festival in Stockholm 2012-8-3 14:47:00
·ACC Supporting Beijing ASEAN Students' Games 2012 2012-8-3 14:36:00
·"World's biggest wooden bridge" found in NW China 2012-8-2 16:55:00
·Chinese performance displays ethnic cultures to Houston 2012-8-2 16:23:00
·Shanghai netizens to have free wifi on streets 2012-7-31 16:48:00
·12th PLA Art Exhibition opens in Beijing 2012-7-31 16:45:00
·The stage is a world 2012-7-31 16:36:00
·Huge lute performance sets Guinness record 2012-7-27 16:16:00
·Modern Beijing opera Red Cliff successful in Prague 2012-7-27 16:08:00
·Chinese paintings, calligraphy displayed in Cambodia to promote culture 2012-7-27 16:06:00
·13th Zhaojun Cultural Festival opens in Hohhot, N China 2012-7-26 15:50:00
·Campaign 'about exchanges' in expats community 2012-7-26 15:19:00
·Understanding China starts from experiencing 2012-7-26 15:14:00
·Chinese is our matchmaker 2012-7-25 15:35:00
·Cinema seminar spreads Chinese culture in Milan 2012-7-23 17:09:00
·1400-year-old 'national granary' found in Henan 2012-7-23 16:12:00
·Olympic pandas to sojourn in Malaysia 2012-7-23 16:10:00
·Tongji University opens research institute for football 2012-7-20 16:58:00
·Wuxi school asks parents to buy iPads 2012-7-20 16:50:00
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