·Liu Xin, Director of Academe of Food and Health Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University and a Member of the CPPCC National Committee: Include Antibiotics Contamination into the Scope of National Environmental Monitoring 2013-3-15 11:13:00
·Sun Yat-sen University and Johns Hopkins University Signed Collaboration Agreement, Joining Hands to Build Collaboration Platform for High-End Clinical Research and Translational Medicine 2013-3-15 10:44:00
·Spring Hot Deal! 2013-3-14 15:49:00
·One of the Most Satisfying Universities in China Adding New Programs 2013-3-12 11:40:00
·BFSU-SolBridge Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2013-3-12 11:23:00
·International Student Admissions FAQs 2013-3-12 10:56:00
·Coming to Yangzhou University 2013-3-12 8:51:00
·French and German Teachers Wanted 2013-3-11 14:21:00
·Life in the International School 2013-3-11 14:09:00
·2013 Confucius Scholarship Application Instructions 2013-3-8 12:59:00
·How to Choose a College 2013-3-7 16:35:00
·We need english teacher for tutoring 2013-2-25 16:43:00
·UCD Confucius Institute welcomes Chinese artist delegation 2013-1-6 8:56:00
·Traditional Chinese Medicine gains more and more popularity in Moldova 2013-1-6 8:52:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Malta Has Trained Maltese First Graduates in Diploma Course in Chinese 2013-1-6 8:46:00
·Chinese dance production set for Kennedy Center 2013-1-6 8:32:00
·Xinhua Insight: Faster reform helps China improve social equity 2013-1-4 8:38:00
·Mandarin, Italian chosen as first two languages taught in Australian schools 2012-12-21 10:47:00
·Creative ideas on display at Beijing Expo 2012-12-21 10:22:00
·The 7th Confucius Institute Conference to be Held in Beijing 2012-12-20 11:54:00
·Duke University opens joint university in E China 2012-12-20 8:37:00
·Beijing 2013 Book Fair to host 650 publishers 2012-12-19 13:27:00
·Visa policy to lure extra 2m overseas tourists 2012-12-19 8:32:00
·Universities overseas help draw up plans for expansion 2012-12-18 8:46:00
·Global dreams for Confucius 2012-12-18 8:37:00
·Confucius institute establishes 12 overseas classrooms 2012-12-17 14:35:00
·China pledges steady development of Confucius Institutes 2012-12-17 14:30:00
·About the Jingchu University of Technology 2012-12-14 9:28:00
·655,000 students registered at Confucius Institutes 2012-12-13 11:10:00
·Chinese silk, embroidery exhibition held in London 2012-12-12 10:33:00
·Feature: Ugandans embrace learning Chinese language 2012-12-12 10:28:00
·Polish, Chinese universities to sign agreement to enhance cooperation 2012-12-12 10:17:00
·Chinese art performance in Athens receives warm welcome 2012-12-11 13:27:00
·More translations needed for Chinese literature to expand worldwide 2012-12-11 10:31:00
·Exchange students participate coming-of-age ceremony in Taipei Confucius Temple 2012-12-11 9:21:00
·China issues special stamps for Confucius Institutes 2012-12-7 11:40:00
·Chinese Language Studies 2012-12-6 15:13:00
·XJTLU Executive President Youmin Xi talks at 2012 World Innovation Summit for Education 2012-12-6 14:46:00
·Classic Chinese opera captivates New York 2012-12-6 11:20:00
·Beijing set to welcome visa-free visitors 2012-12-6 11:10:00
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