·Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation set up 2012-8-7 15:24:00
·US student films view China with a fresh perspective 2012-8-7 15:20:00
·Why China's female stars are favored by Hollywood? 2012-8-7 15:17:00
·Agri-giant launches innovative talent scholarship in China 2012-8-6 15:46:00
·Dragon Up: Governor's School for Excellence Students Experience Chinese Culture 2012-8-6 14:58:00
·China's government scholarship program starts 2012-8-3 15:20:00
·International students' scholarships to increase 2012-8-3 15:16:00
·Scholarships boost students abroad 2012-8-3 15:13:00
·China awards outstanding overseas PhD students in Canada with prestigious scholarship 2012-8-3 15:04:00
·Open universities urged to make education more accessible to public 2012-8-3 14:53:00
·DPRK students get in sync with technology 2012-8-3 14:32:00
·Alumni Association of Confucius Institute Scholarship Winners established in Nepal 2012-8-3 14:16:00
·China grants scholarship to Cambodian students 2012-8-2 16:54:00
·Armenian students to study in China 2012-8-2 16:53:00
·Prestigious schools have plans in China 2012-8-2 16:41:00
·Foreign interns seek experience in Chinese firms 2012-8-2 16:30:00
·Making friends and influencing German people 2012-8-2 16:27:00
·Building a bridge across cultures 2012-8-2 16:25:00
·Overseas study tours gain popularity in China 2012-8-2 16:20:00
·Cardiff Confucius Institute hosts WJEC assessor training event for Mandarin Assessors 2012-8-2 16:11:00
·Shanghai Shopping 2012-7-31 16:54:00
·Madagasca student gets 1st prize in 11th Chinese Bridge 2012-7-31 16:51:00
·Traditional Chinese Medicine & Health Maintenance 2012-7-31 14:57:00
·Chinese Cultural Experience delights Ernest Bevin College 2012-7-31 14:56:00
·UCD Confucius Institute and Galway Education Centre Form Strategic Partnership for Chinese Teacher Training in Western Ireland 2012-7-31 14:53:00
·Confucius Institute for Business, London Celebrated Its Fifth Birthday 2012-7-31 14:50:00
·2012 'Chinese Bridge' Irish Secondary School Principals Trip to China 2012-7-31 14:47:00
·The Successful Completion of 2012 CITCM Teaching Competition 2012-7-27 15:42:00
·The Confucius Institute for Arkansas assisted the Arkansas Economic Development Committee to receive the delegation from Henan, China 2012-7-27 15:37:00
·Reaching Out - Magnificently 2012-7-27 15:32:00
·Malagasy government joins Confucius Institute to promote bilateral cultural exchanges 2012-7-27 15:30:00
·Symposium on New Silk Road Convened at University of Vienna 2012-7-27 14:38:00
·Chinese Newspaper and Chinese Restaurant--Chinese becomes popular on South Korean campus 2012-7-27 14:34:00
·Fudan University troupe brings Chinese Culture to Chicago 2012-7-26 15:49:00
·All college graduates in Tibet this year find jobs: official 2012-7-26 15:38:00
·More college grads to work in west China 2012-7-26 15:18:00
·College first to teach tree-climbing course 2012-7-26 15:13:00
·The experience of living and studying in China 2012-7-26 15:06:00
·BFSU marks the 5th anniversary of Confucius Institutes Operation 2012-7-25 15:44:00
·11th Chinese Bridge Contest held in Vietnam 2012-7-25 15:40:00
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