·Interview: Tufts University reviewing GM rice research on Chinese children: spokeswoman 2012-9-7 16:16:00
·Universities look abroad to keep talent at home 2012-9-4 15:35:00
·The Chinese Language Teaching and Education in a Globalizing Southeast Asia Conference held in Manila on August 17-18 2012-9-3 16:13:00
·The first Chinese training class for Burmese staff of the Southeast Asia Pipeline Company between China and Myanmar by Fuxing Confucius Classroom in Myanmar was ended smoothly 2012-9-3 16:12:00
·China Through the Eyes of American High School Students Chinese Summer Bridge Program 2012 Beijing, Dengfeng, Kaifeng, and Zhengzhou 2012-9-3 16:10:00
·Madagascar's second cohort of mandarin majors graduated 2012-9-3 16:08:00
·USF-CI Completed the Summer Class on "Religious Beliefs in China" 2012-9-3 16:06:00
·Il Drago e la Farfalla -- Immagini di Cina a Montepulciano 2012-9-3 16:03:00
·Foreign student decides to buy house in Hangzhou 2012-8-30 16:49:00
·Foreign students of Yangzhou University teach in Wutang community, China's Jiangsu 2012-8-30 16:43:00
·Vietnamese party newspaper launches Chinese language website 2012-8-30 16:33:00
·Overseas study tours gain popularity in China 2012-8-30 15:27:00
·US students' tales exemplify interest 2012-8-30 15:00:00
·Youth represents hope of China-Africa cooperation 2012-8-30 14:58:00
·Afghan student takes China as second hometown after learning in Taiyuan 2012-8-29 16:01:00
·China awards scholarships to 64 Kenyan students 2012-8-29 15:52:00
·Nicaragua, EU sign agreement on education aid 2012-8-29 15:48:00
·Chinese language center opens at Britain's Wellington College 2012-8-28 16:05:00
·China to help India train more language teachers 2012-8-28 16:01:00
·Students of Republic of Congo awarded Chinese scholarships 2012-8-27 14:29:00
·Singapore clan organization gives scholarships for studying in China 2012-8-27 14:28:00
·Chinese, U.S. universities ink cooperation deal 2012-8-24 14:28:00
·The 11th "Chinese Bridge" Competition Pakistani Zone Qualifiers Successfully Concluded 2012-8-24 14:23:00
·2012 Chinese bridge-the Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students ended smoothly in Myanmar division 2012-8-24 14:18:00
·Germany Final of the Fifth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students Concluded Successfully 2012-8-24 14:16:00
·Malagasy candidate promoted as first six in Chinese proficiency competition 2012-8-24 14:15:00
·Sri Lanka Zone Preliminary Contest of the Fifth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students Came to a Successful End 2012-8-24 14:09:00
·2012 European Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) Working Symposium Opened in Edinburgh 2012-8-23 14:17:00
·Opening Ceremony of I SING BEIJING - Hanyu Academy of Vocal Arts Grandly Held 2012-8-23 14:15:00
·Year-end Performance of the Teaching Site Affiliated to Confucius Institute of Toulouse, France Held Successfully 2012-8-23 14:12:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis Holds Intensive Training for New Teachers 2012-8-23 14:09:00
·'Fortunetellers' guide students through exams 2012-8-22 16:29:00
·Chinese language builds bridge between China, Russia 2012-8-22 16:27:00
·Confucius in the 21st century 2012-8-22 16:16:00
·Roundtable of the Council of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Held in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province 2012-8-22 16:13:00
·Why Study in China 2012-8-21 14:19:00
·China grants scholarship to Cambodian students 2012-8-21 14:16:00
·Ivy League students gain new insights after China tour 2012-8-21 14:13:00
·US students come to China in exchange project 2012-8-21 14:10:00
·Confucius Institute at Troy University Organizes 2012 Students and Staff China Trip 2012-8-21 14:06:00
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