·Morocco sees Chinese language contest 2012-5-3 10:50:00
·Chinese speech contest kicks off in Vancouver 2012-5-3 10:45:00
·Chinese language builds bridge between China, Mexico 2012-5-3 10:42:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia started the first training program for the new YCT test 2012-5-3 10:38:00
·The new teaching mode of Chinese characters while playing games 2012-5-3 10:33:00
·Students from Confucius Institutes attend summer camp in Hefei to taste Chinese culture 2012-5-2 15:36:00
·Confucius Institute at University of Malta Held Chinese Tea Art Lecture 2012-5-2 15:31:00
·Chinese Bridge links China with Russian students' dreams 2012-4-28 11:00:00
·Unique university passes early test 2012-4-27 15:02:00
·Trail-blazing university 2012-4-27 15:00:00
·A Brief Introduction to Yanan University 2012-4-27 13:56:00
·Guide Book of Study Chinese in Dalian University of Foreign Languages(DUFL)(2012.3-2013.7) 2012-4-27 11:35:00
·University of Miskolc opens China center in Hungary 2012-4-26 15:35:00
·Chinese, Belgian universities seek closer ties, more mobility 2012-4-26 15:25:00
·International students' scholarships to increase 2012-4-26 15:23:00
·Over 20,000 Americans studying in China: MOE 2012-4-26 15:21:00
·Leader of CAE Visits JiangXi University of Science and Technology 2012-4-25 16:45:00
·My Chinese Dream The Irish Final of the 11th International Chinese Bridge Competition for College Students 2012-4-25 16:36:00
·Chinese language attracts younger fans in small U.S.town 2012-4-25 16:10:00
·Regional Chinese language competition held in Russia 2012-4-25 16:03:00
·Students see profit in business studies overseas 2012-4-24 14:30:00
·University of Miskolc opens China center in Hungary 2012-4-24 14:26:00
·Chicago provides free education initiative to encourage financial responsibility 2012-4-24 14:23:00
·The Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis Hosts Educators from Hubei Province to meet with Local Tennessee Educators 2012-4-24 13:59:00
·Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum held a "China Day" Party at It's Teaching Branch 2012-4-24 13:49:00
·Culture and Language, Sunshine and Rain on Chinese Corner in Lambeth Academy 2012-4-24 13:46:00
·Bogazici Confucius Institute held the 2012 April HSK Test 2012-4-23 10:24:00
·How good is your Chinese? The HSK test in UCD 2012-4-23 10:19:00
·PCCI administered HSK, YCT Tests for Chinese Language Students from Upstate of South Carolina 2012-4-23 10:06:00
·Flowers of Chinese blooming in early spring------Confucius Classroom of Mongolian State University of Education holds Chinese Language Festival 2012-4-23 10:04:00
·Paris-Nishan Forum Kicked-off 2012-4-23 10:00:00
·Tsinghua SEM Maintains AACSB Accreditation in Business and Accounting 2012-4-23 9:52:00
·China, Canada to promote ties through cultural exchanges 2012-4-23 9:36:00
·863 Project Starting Symposium Held in JUST 2012-4-23 9:25:00
·OCAO Selects Teachers for the Chinese Culture Camp 2012-4-23 9:24:00
·Students from Thailand Observe Songkran Festival 2012-4-23 9:22:00
·A Project Awarded MOE Prize 2012-4-23 9:19:00
·'Days of International Education 2012' in Baltic countries 2012-4-20 9:49:00
·Feature: London Book Fair offers opportunity to "read" China through books 2012-4-20 9:47:00
·Singapore university launches more customized training programs for Chinese officials 2012-4-20 9:46:00
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