·A Little Seminar into Shanghai Volkswagen Company 2012-5-22 15:24:00
·PSU Students Home - stay in Local Families 2012-5-17 15:55:00
·Beijing mayor stresses ECFA's role in cross-Strait cultural exchange 2012-5-17 15:06:00
·China calls for further cultural exchanges via Confucius Institute 2012-5-17 15:03:00
·Confucius Institute at Mickiewicz University in Poland: 2012 Third Academic Lecture "Entering Theater of Peking Opera" 2012-5-16 15:29:00
·Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova successfully held Chinese Bridge Competition, 2012 year 2012-5-16 15:27:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Malta Presented a Traditional Chinese Painting Lecture 2012-5-16 15:25:00
·"Lexington is so beautiful in spring!" - Second Annual University of Kentucky CI Speech Contest 2012-5-16 15:23:00
·Minister Cannon begins Mandarin lessons with UCD Confucius Institute 2012-5-16 15:21:00
·Israeli universities' students perform in 11th Chinese Bridge 2012-5-15 11:09:00
·College ballroom dance competition held in China's Hefei 2012-5-15 11:01:00
·Amman TAG Confucius Institute Starts Chinese Classes in Amman Bishop School 2012-5-15 10:44:00
·2012 North Carolina Chinese Speech and Writing Contests 2012-5-15 10:41:00
·40 years Shanghai communique - Nixon in China 2012-5-15 10:38:00
·The lighting of 2008 Beijing Olympic flame in Brighton College 2012-5-14 15:10:00
·German and French exchange students love Chinese Calligraphy 2012-5-14 15:08:00
·The Colorful "Chinese Day" in Yuce Schools 2012-5-14 15:06:00
·Training Program on Chinese Culture for Archimedes Fundation, Estonia 2012-5-11 15:02:00
·The Chinese State Circus: Yin and Yang 2012-5-11 14:57:00
·London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully co-hosted the Chinese Family Photo Exhibition 2012-5-11 14:55:00
·Fast growing interest in Argentina for learning Chinese 2012-5-10 17:19:00
·The Confucius Institute at McMaster presented Chinese Film Series 2012-5-10 11:08:00
·Grand Awards for UCT's Students of Chinese 2012-5-10 11:04:00
·Minister launches new course in Chinese Language and Culture for Transition Year developed by the UCD Confucius Institute 2012-5-10 11:01:00
·Minister Counsellor Shen Yang visits LSBU and the Confucius Institute 2012-5-10 10:59:00
·Amman TAG Confucius Institute Starts Chinese Classes in Amman Bishop School 2012-5-10 10:55:00
·Show China's Cultural Charm and Propose Harmonious Society--On Confucius Institute at UT Dallas in Plano 2012 AsiaFest 2012-5-9 17:15:00
·Jasmin 2012-5-9 17:12:00
·U.S.college students speak up in Mandarin 2012-5-8 14:40:00
·China honors young scholars studying in Canada 2012-5-7 14:53:00
·"We love the Chinese Dragon!"--London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine held the Chinese Dragon Workshop at St Mary's Brayston School 2012-5-4 16:57:00
·Chinese Calligraphy Warmly Received by U.S. Communities--Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University Invites A Renowned Chinese Calligrapher for Lectures(3) 2012-5-4 16:51:00
·An Olympic Wind is blowing from Mandarin Class--New Line Learning & Cornwallis Academy Confucius Classroom's Mandarin Olympic month 2012-5-4 16:48:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Oklahoma Explores New Pathway for Culture promotion 2012-5-4 16:40:00
·The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University Students Recruiting of International Exchange Center 2012-5-4 16:29:00
·Recruiting information of The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University 2012-5-4 16:19:00
·U.S.-China Student Exchange Forum held in Beijing 2012-5-4 15:05:00
·NYC Confucius Institute displays Chinese culture on opening day 2012-5-3 14:13:00
·Talent holds key to Confucius Institutes' prospects 2012-5-3 14:10:00
·Learning Chinese brings dream true for Pakistani student 2012-5-3 10:52:00
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