Application and registeration

Application Procedures

1 . Download and fill out the Application Form for Admission to Zhejiang Shuren University;
2. Download and fill out the curriculum vitae.
3. Offer the copy of the passport;
4. Applicant for degree program should offer high school certificate, achievements report with official seals (if they are in language other than Chinese or English please translate into Chinese or English) and certificate of HSK level 3 (for science and arts) or 4 (for social science).

5. Transfer the application fee to the following bank:


For Credit To: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Provincial Branch.

Beneficiary’s Name: Zhejiang Shuren University

Beneficiary’s Account No.: 1202004809900000177

Beneficiary’s Address: No. 8 Shuren Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

6. Make sure to send a fax to 00861-0571-88297124 or E-mail:
the application form, the curriculum vitae, the copy of passport and bank receipt for further confirmation and preferential arrangement.