Seminar for Chinese Culture

Aiming at promoting the diverse Chinese culture and enhancing the international exchange, the International Education School of Zhejiang Shuren University set up this study program, hoping a 3-month study will help foreign friends experience the essence of Chinese culture.

Based on various majors of the university we provide courses such as Basic Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Tea Culture, Chinese Food, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Massage, so that the students will have all-round knowledge of Chinese culture. In addition, culture experiences are arranged for students to best feel the intangible Chinese culture through field visits.

Teaching Plan for Class for Chinese Culture


Course Introduction Learning hours

Theory and Practice of Chinese Culture
learning hours)

Basic Knowledge of the Chinese Language To understand the basic knowledge of the Chinese language 40
Spoken Chinese To practice daily spoken Chinese 40
Chinese Calligraphy To learn Chinese calligraphy to experience the charming of Chinese calligraphy 20
Chinese Painting To practice Chinese painting  to experience its charming 20
Chinese Martial Arts To learn Tai Chi to understand its essence 20
Chinese Tea Culture To understand and enjoy Chinese tea culture and tea performances 20
Sinology Professional lectures given by famous scholars to help understand essence of sinology and its enlightenment to modern society    20
Common sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professional lectures given by famous scholars to help understand essence of traditional Chinese medicine, 20
Chinese Food To know different cuisines of  Chinese food and their representative dishes 20
Chinese Landscape Architecture Culture To understand Chinese landscape architecture  culture, especially that from the south of the Yangtze River, and its cultural connotations 20
Modern Chinese Business Etiquette To understand modern Chinese business etiquette 10

Field Visit to Chinese Culture
(60learning Hours)


Cultural Tour around West Lake To visit landscape around the West Lake to experience its humanity culture 10
Tour to Shanghai An trip to modern urban to experience the development of China 16
Cultural Tour to Shaoxing A trip to Shaoxing, Lu Xun’s residence and other humanity landscape, to experience town style in the south of the Yangtze River 16
Cultural Tour to Wuzhen A trip to Wuzhen to experience unique flavor of the south of the Yangtze River 16
Culture Tour To Dongyang Woodcarving A trip to Dongyang, home of wood carving in China 16
Enjoy Shaoxing Opera To watch Shaoxing opera performances 8
Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage To experience traditional Chinese medicine massage 8
To visit Hangzhou’s local markets To visit Hangzhou’s local markets to experience the life of local people 8
To Visit Primary Schools in Hangzhou To visit the local primary schools, communicate with pupils there to understand their thinking 8
To Visit Meijiawu Tea Plantation, Hangzhou To visit the Meijiawu tea plantation, to understand production process of Longjing tea 8
Teahouses in Hangzhou To experience the teahouse culture 8
Dumpling Making To experience the
fun of making dumpling
Home Stay To experience modern Chinese family life by boarding 8


Note: We accept domestic and foreign groups for both short and long term study. The curriculum and relative activity settings are flexible and can be made more personalized according to your requirements

■ Advantage of this project
1. Hangzhou enjoys the reputation of “paradise on earth”, which has attracted numerous men of letters since ancient times. With its beautiful natural scenery and rich humanity landscape,it is becoming “a city of quality”, where you can feel the local “slow life” tempo.
2. This program involves Chinese language, painting and calligraphy, martial arts, tea culture, Sinology, traditional Chinese medicine, cuisin, gardening,and etc., aiming at a comprehensive understanding and experience of the diverse Chinese culture.

1.  Registration: 300 yuan / person, which will be returned upon registeration.
Tuition fee: 400 yuan/ week (for the class of more than 10 students);
600 yuan/ week (for the class of 5-9 students)
Accommodation(for reference): 50 yuan or so / person / day
2.  Dining expenses and tickets in the tour are not included.

Shuren Scholarship for Overseas Students ( in RMB ):
First prize: 1000 yuan / person;
Second prize: 700 yuan / person;
Third prize: 500 yuan / person

■Application and registeration
1. The applicant must be over the age of 16,with any Chinese language level;
2. The class is organized with the minimum of 5 students;
3. Please consult: International Education School of Zhejiang Shuren University