Project for Business Chinese Course

■Project Introduction

The project, based on Zhejiang Shuren University’s Chinese Literature, Modern Services, Tourism Management, English / Japanese / Korean / German, Tea Culture, Art and Design, Sports and other disciplines, takes the business Chinese course as central, and the Chinese culture and practical business courses supplementary, embedding field study practice to help students to have an informed understanding of business Chinese, current Chinese economic issues, China’s state policy of reform and opening up, and the daily business practice in China where they are supposed to meet with customers from in and abroad.

Enrollment: overseas applicants who are non-native Chinese and finished high school education.

Learning Period: a semester of 18 weeks (including examinations)

Course Requirements: 352 hours in total, with 160 hours of language, 136 hours of culture and 56 hours of practice.

■The Advantage of the Project

1. Zhejiang enterprises won the praise both at home and abroad for their spirits of diligence and open attitude. The project combines the study of Chinese language and Chinese culture, together with a field study of Zhejiang enterprises in order to provide students a chance to understand their unique business cultures. Seminars on economic issues will help students grasp a whole picture of China’s foreign economic policy, and exchange ideas regarding current problems of Chinese economy so to better run businesses in China.

2. The City of Hangzhou is known as “Paradise on Earth”, which, since ancient times, has attracted numerous men of letters and refined scholars with beautiful natural scenery and spectacular landscape of humanistic cultural heritage. Our campus is in the urban area of Hangzhou with convenient transportation Adjacent to the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Students may enjoy the Southern Chinese culture in their spare time by taking a walk along the Canal, reading a classic Chinese novel or chatting in a teahouse, feeling the charm of the city.

■ Fees

1. Registration: 300 yuan / person, which will be returned upon registration.

2. Tuition Fee Per Person: RMB 7200 yuan for a class of more than 10 students;

RMB 10800 yuan for a class of more than 5 students.
Accommodation Fee (for reference): RMB 50 yuan or so / person / day

3. Dining expenses and tickets in the tour are NOT INCLUDED.

Curriculum of the Course


Courses Introduction Hr. Credits
Language Module Beginner Beginner’s Comprehensive Chinese Basic knowledge about Chinese: pronunciation and daily conversations 64 4
Business Spoken Chinese Practice of speaking skills in business Chinese 32 2
Business Chinese Reading Practice of reading skills in business Chinese at beginner’s level 32 2
Business Chinese Writing Practice of writing skills in business Chinese 32 2
intermediate Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese Listening, speaking, reading and writing at intermediate Chinese level 64 4
Chinese Business Negotiation Basic knowledge and skills in business negotiations 32 2
Business Chinese Reading Practice of reading skills in business Chinese at intermediate level 32 2
Business Chinese Letters Basic knowledge and skills in business correspondence 32 2
Students may choose either beginner or intermediate courses with a total 160 credits. Subtotal: 160 10
Culture Module A Brief Introduction about China China: its humanity, geography, history and other basic information 32 2
Intercultural Communication Knowledge about differences between Chinese and foreign cultures in the communication process 32 2
Basic Chinese Painting An experience of the charm of Chinese paintings 16 1
Chinese Calligraphy An experience of the charm of Chinese calligraphy 16 1
Chinese Wushu (Martial Art) An experience of the Chinese martial art 16 1
Chinese Tea Culture Tea art performances, experiencing Chinese tea ceremony’s etiquette 16 1
Chinese Culture Seminars and field experience 8 0.5
  Subtotal 136 8.5
Practice Module Business & Investment Environment in China China’s current economic development and investment environment 16 1
Case Analysis : Chinese International Business Case analysis of China’s foreign economic policy and key points in China’s business in and abroad 16 1
Seminar on Economic Issues Seminars on current hot issues of Chinese economy 16 1
Field Study of Zhejiang Enterprises A better understanding of the enterprises in Zhejiang province, and their cultures 8 0.5
  Subtotal 56 3.5
    Total 352 22