Yantai, a coastal city located on the eastern end of China’s Shandong Peninsula, faces Japan and the Republic of Korea across the Yellow Sea.

China selected Yantai as a potential site in Bohai Sea Economic Circle. An advanced and convenient air, land and sea traffic system allows Yantai to easily connect with cities both in China and abroad.

Yantai’s pleasant climate, cultural attractions, and natural scenery appeal to everyone. Known as the source of folklore in the Jiaodong area as well as for its Shandong cuisine, Yantai makes for an ideal tourist attraction.

Yantai was included as one of the first batch of fourteen coastal cities open to the outside world. It covers a total area of 13,700 square kilometers with a population of 6.5 million, of which over 1.65 million live in the urban area. Because of its great energy and vitality,Yantai was granted an honorary title, "United Nations Habitat Award" by the U.N.



Founded in July 1984, Yantai University is a comprehensive university of Shandong Province, P.R. China. With hills to its west and waters to its east, Yantai University is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai known for pleasant climate and tourist attractions. The campus occupies an area of over 200 hectares and hosts a body of 28,000 students.

YU is one of the first universities in China permitted to enroll international students, and has already trained more than three thousand international students of different programs including those of international exchange programs, undergraduate programs and language programs. In addition, YU also offers short-term courses on Chinese language and culture.

The International Students Section(ISS) is the special service department of YU for international students. The staff of ISS are ever ready to give whatever help and service possible to make our international students feel at home.

Teaching Faculty

YU boasts of a team of 15 Chinese language teachers of academic attainments and rich experience in teaching international students, the majority of whom have had the experience of teaching Chinese language in a foreign country.

Students are streamed according to their target language levels which helps our teachers deliver their courses with a much tailored curriculum.

Classrooms for lectures, group activities and tutorial activities, and labs and multi-media rooms well equipped

Our academic atmosphere and the flexible modes of education have won the favor of international students and gained a reputation of “why not study at YU?”