Admission for International Students in 2014

Why CAS?


Founded in 2000, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Yunnan Normal University is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year with a distinguishing achievement of becoming one of the greatest comprehensive colleges in Yunnan Province (it was rated “excellent” among the private higher education institutions of Yunnan province in 2010 by Provincial Association of Private Education) .

Throughout the eleven years, today, CAS has stepped into a modern college with strong faith of “developing students’ applicability and practical capacity under the circumstance of intensification of globalization”. There are about 8,000 students are currently studying at CAS under 8 different faculties:

  • The Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • The Faculty of Liberal Arts
  • The Faculty of Computer and ICT Science
  • The Faculty of Economics
  • The Faculty of Business Administration and Management
  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • The Faculty of International Studies

More than 26 majors covering hundreds of study directions open to Chinese and international students. Moreover, the college offers over 30 kinds of public elective courses with multi-categories and interdisciplinary criteria, combined with the requirement for professional qualification certificates and the cultivation of compound talents. CAS is the education project training base of ITAT (national Information Technology Application Training), the training centre of ITAT digital art and design, and the testing center of the certificate of secretary, public relations, human resources, marketing, property management, tea specialists and botanists. Different programmes mean that students can often tailor their studies to the needs.

International Partnership

In addition, CAS has established academic cooperative partnerships with 19 distinguishing Universities from 9 countries such as The University of Vermont (USA), The University of Northampton (UK), Rajamangala University of Technology (Thailand), Far Eastern University(Thailand), Suan Sunanta University (Thailand), Gwangjo University (Korea), Pai Chai University (Korea), Woosuk University (Korea), Ulsan University (Korea) and so forth. Those strong academic links with oversea universities offer our students a great opportunity and a broader sense for their further study and research. At the moment, CAS has opened “2+2” program with Woosuk University, Korea (2-year study at CAS, 2-year study at Woosuk University with diplomas granted by both universities) in majors of Teaching Korean as a Second Language and Urban Engineering), “Bachelor +Master” program with Woosuk University, Ulsan University in Korea and Northampton University in the UK as well as other kinds of academic cooperative programs with above mentioned oversea partners. Based upon the strong cooperative relationships, students of CAS can get to experience another culture and a new way of looking at their subjects. They can make new friends and grow as a person. The work that they do and the grades they achieve count towards their degree. Many students have the option to study, work or teach overseas. Ask anyone who has tried it - most say they had a brilliant time. Some say it changed their lives.

The Location

Meanwhile, there are 2 campuses of CAS located respectively in the downtown and eastern part of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. As one of the most important provinces in southwestern China, Yunnan is bordering on Burma, Laos and Vietnam. It is home to the richest ethnic groups in China. Its registered 25 minorities account for 40% of its population, which offer our international students a great advantage to discover the diversity of Chinese culture and thus gain a better understanding to China. Yunnan is a province also abounds in natural resources. It is known as the kingdom of plants, animals and home of non-ferrous metals and medicinal herbs. The province not only has more plant species of tropical, subtropical, temperate, and frozen zones than any other provinces in the country, but also has many ancient, derivative plants, as well as species introduced from foreign countries. Among the 30,000 species of plants in China, 18,000 can be found in Yunnan. More than 150 kinds of minerals have been discovered in the province. There are many things within the diversity of cultures and natural resources waiting there for our students to discover and learn either during their study or spare time. Kunming, which is also regarded as “the Spring City”, because of its pleasant climate and comparatively lower cost of living that is attracting a great number of people from different countries each year, is a highly internationalized city (It was rated as one of the most suitable cities for living in China). The city's cultural amenities include multi-ethnic park of Yunnan province, concert venues, leisure complexes and Foreigner Street to suit all tastes. Or you could enjoy the tranquility of the city's climate and its beautiful scenery. In kunming you can enjoy sophisticated fast-paced city life and yet in 20 minutes you can be in the middle of beautiful countryside. When you're not studying, there is plenty to see, do and explore in Kunming. From the college to the city and beyond you will never be bored.

The Style

As a modern college with young spirit, we pay more attention to student’s personal needs. Compassionate care will be given to every single student. Our students will never feel alone when studying at CAS because everyone loves to make new friends and is passionate to know new cultures. Each year, as a part of the content of “developing students’ applicability”, we held “cultural day” of countries that either has established cooperative partnership with us or where our students and teachers come from.This enables them to have a wonderful experience and better understanding of any other cultures. The number as well as popularity of these cultural days is increasing annually. They have not only attracted lots of students but also ambassadors, consul-generals, entrepreneurs of different countries. At the moment, we have “Korean Day”, “Thai Day”, “Spanish Day”, “German Day” , “French Day”…. We are expecting that more and more cultural days could be set by our future students.

CAS is always welcoming you to become one part of us. Studying for your Chinese language or your degree at CAS offers you a high-quality qualification and excellent value for money.

Programs opened for International Students

One-year Chinese Language Study Certificate program

(HSK Pre-sessional Language Course for Chinese University Degree Study Admission)

Introduction: The Chinese Language Program serves to promote the Chinese language throughout the world and to help people in other countries acquire a better understanding of China. More importantly, the program aims to help students to get the qualification needed for undergraduate or master degree study (HSK- National Chinese Language Test System: HSK-3 for undergraduate and HSK-5 for master degree) on non-language subjects in famous Chinese universities. Any qualified oversea student or compatriot from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan may apply to Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges for this program. The academic year is divided into two semesters: (1) spring semester: Feb - Jun; (2) autumn semester: Sep - Jan. Each semester consists of 18 weeks (16 class hours per week, Monday to Friday).

Courses: Time Length: One academic year (including summer / winter vacation, bank holidays)

In order to accurately assess the Chinese proficiency of new students, CAS arranges a placement exam at the beginning of each term. Students will then be assigned to appropriate class levels in accordance with their Chinese proficiencies. The curriculum of the program includes the following courses: Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Comprehensive Chinese, Extensive Reading, Newspaper Reading, Classical Chinese, Hot Topics, Writing, Pronunciation, Reading Aloud ,Comprehensive Chinese & discussion. The program delivers 20 class hours per week.

CAS also offers public elective courses and advanced elective courses. Public elective courses include Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Songs, HSK Lessons (extra training), Taiji, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Music, etc. In additional, as one part of the program, CAS regularly organizes weekend and holiday trip to enable our students to either practice Chinese they learned in class or to merge with real local residents.

Assessment: CAS has explicit regulations on student attendance and exams. Only those attending classes regularly and passing exams can obtain their final grades and program certificate from CAS.

Meanwhile, HSK-3 is required to achieve as one of the program goals. Students will have 2 chances during their one year study to obtain the certain HSK level which enables them to continue their degree-education in China’s universities. In order to successfully achieve those study goals mentioned above, CAS has pertinently designed specific study strategy for its students. However, It also much depends on students’ devotion and academic performance.

CAS has also established an expedient credit transferring system which enables credits that a student gains during this one year can be transferred into other degree study programs at CAS (credits gained at pre-sessional stage can be transferred into the first year of undergraduate study). This wide range of options for maximum flexibility is to design your own study plan.

Additional Services:

  • The use of the one-to-one support offered by Extra Learning Support Team
  • Living and psychological issues consult
  • Traveling Services
  • Transportation service


Any foreigner, overseas Chinese, or compatriot from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan may apply directly to this program. The applicants need to have a formal education background at the high school level or above, a good moral character, be aged 18-55 and in good health.

Time Opened for International Student.

There are two periods within a year that are opened to international students. International students can either select to register and begin their study at Spring or Autumn semester.

Applicants for the Spring Semester Program must submit their application during October 15th--December 15th of the previous year (holidays excluded). (For 2011 Spring admission, the application time is extended to Jan 14, 2011.)

Those for the Autumn Semester must submit their application during March15th--June 15th of the present year (holidays excluded).

Students need to pay tuition fee at the time of admission registration. The tuition fee will not be returned to the students who drop out of the program and there will be no reduction in tuition fee for a late entrance.

Two-Month Chinese Culture Camp

Introduction: The program aims to provide oversea students with an in-depth look at China and to learn some basic use of Chinese language, thus to gain a better understanding of China. During the 8-week study, well-designed language and cultural courses are arranged to enable our students to learn the use of basic communication skills of Chinese, Chinese Paper cutting, cooking, calligraphy, Chinese tea art and Chinese material art. Meanwhile, students will enjoy their study time not only in the classroom but also in different ethnic communities, natural parks and ancient towns. They learn Chinese and explore China through the class teaching and communicating with the local society. There are so many things for students to explore and think about even when they finish the Two-month study at CAS.

Descriptions of Courses and Activities

Time length: two-month (8 weeks)

The structure of the curriculum contains 16 hours Chinese language courses including Chinese for Communication, Chinese Phonetic Alphabet and Chinese Character, Comprehensive Chinese. In addition, 4 hour/ week elective Chinese Cultural courses will be taught including Chinese cooking, Chinese Tea art, Material Art, Chinese Paper Cutting and so forth.

1.Induction: the Life, the City and the college
4.Weekend: City Tour and Shopping
1.Chinese Language Courses
2.Elective Chinese Cultural Courses
3.Lecture on Chinese History
4.Weekend: Yunnan Nationality Village and Western Hill
1.Chinese Language Courses
2.Elective Chinese Cultural Courses
3.Chinese Practice with Local Residents
4.Weekend: Stone Forest
1.Chinese Language Courses
2.Elective Chinese Cultural Courses
3.Middle-Term Assessment
1.Chinese Language Courses
2.Elective Chinese Cultural Courses
3.Lecture on Chinese Traditional Culture
4.Weekend: Excursion
1.Chinese Language Courses
2.Elective Chinese Cultural Courses
3.Chinese Cooking Practice and International Dinner
4.Weekend: EXPO Garden and Golden Temple
1.Trip: Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-La 1.Final-assessment
2.Wrap-up Ceremony
4.Fare-well Party

(The Content of the Short-term program may vary. Moreover, the length of the Short-term program can be adjusted according to the individual need. For latest up-dated information and price, please contact the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges. )

Assessment: CAS has explicit regulations on student attendance and exams. Only those attending classes regularly and passing exams can obtain their final grades and program certificate from CAS. For Short-term Chinese Culture Camp, middle term and final tests will be required to make sure that students can practice basic and daily Chinese in communication with basic understanding of various aspects of Chinese culture. Oral test, role play, Chinese culture practice (cooking, dancing show, singing, calligraphy and so forth) are encouraged as different forms of test for students to choose.


Any foreign university student may apply directly to this program.

Additional Services:

  • The use of the one-to-one support offered by Extra Learning Support Team
  • Living and psychological issues consult
  • Traveling Services
  • Transportation service


There are 2 different types of International dormitory in CAS for students to choose: 2-bed and 4-bed dormitory. Both are equipped with water heating system, solo-energy heating system, stool toilet, internet and television. They are close to everything you need on campus such as library, sports field, supermarket and cafeteria. The cheap price and its convenience attract more and more international students each year to choose our international dormitory.

Student Community

There are more than 30 students’ communities are opened free to all the students, from drama, pop music, movie to basketball, material art and yoga. They offer every student a great chance to make new friends and enjoy their spare time but also to learn new things.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Download the registration form on or require the registration form by sending e-mail to

Step 2: Submit the application materials listed below to Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges (OICE), by post mail or in person.

Materials for Application

  1. The signed hard copy of the completed Foreign student’s Application Form
  2. Latest academic diploma and academic record (photocopy)
  3. A photocopy of the first page of the applicant’s passport (ordinary passport). The applicants who have already been in China should also provide the copy of valid Visa or Residence Permit.
  4. The applicants who are studying at another university in China must submit a Transfer Certificate issued by the host university. Failing to submit sufficient documents on time will be considered as giving up the application.

Review and Admission Notice

The applicants admitted by CAS will receive Admission Notice, Form JW202 (Visa Application Form for Foreigners), and Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (only for X Visa applicants) from the OICE. The applicants may inquire for admission status via the On-line Application System on the website of Foreign Student Affairs Office.

Visa Application and Admission Registration

The admitted students should bring their ordinary Passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreigners, the Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and Blood Test Record (only for X visa holders) to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China and apply for a student visa. The students shall come to OICE of CAS for admission registration before the deadline indicated on the Admission Notice. The X visa holders must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days after arriving in China. Compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should have valid entry permits

Costs (in RMB Yuan)

  1. Application fee (non-refundable): RMB 400
  2. Tuition fee: RMB 6,500 (per semester)
  3. Accidental injury and hospitalization insurance: RMB 300 (per semester)
  4. Accommodations: RMB 40 - 80/day? bed for single rooms, AB rooms and double rooms in student dormitories

Contact Information

Address: No.627 Longquan Road, The College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China 650222