Introduction to Yunnan College of Business Management

Yunnan College of Business Management was established in 1992. Authorized by the People's Government of Yunnan Province and filed to the Ministry of Education, YCBM was upgraded to a full-time vocational college awarding national approved diploma in 2004.

Yunnan College of Business Management has two campuses with an area of about 892,440 Square Meters: Haiyuan and Anning campus. Haiyuan campus is located at the west part of Kunming city with the convenient transportation and favorable environment. Anning campus is located at Anning city one hour bus from Haiyuan campus. Anning city is famous for natural sprint hot.

Based in Yunnan Province, the college is open to the rest of China as well as being orientated internationally so as to contribute to the socio-economical development of the region. It has realized the coordinated development among economics, management, business, arts, science, law and medicine. When paying more attention to full-time higher vocational education, the college has already developed 11 schools in Yunnan College of Business Management.

●Accounting and Finance School
●Business School
●Humanities School
●Engineering School
●Computer and Arts Designing School
●Foreign Languages School
●Rehabilitation and Nursing School
●International Webcasting School
●Continuing Education School
●International School
●Secondary Vocational School
More than 43 majors set in YCBM are opened to Chinese and international students.