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International Exchange

Since Yunnan Arts Institute founded, it has established academic interscholastic communication and collaboration with universities in more than 20 countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Swiss, Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Moreover, in order to create overseas opportunities to its artists, in 1998, Yunnan Arts Institute set up a workshop in the International Art City of Paris in France. Yunnan Arts Institute has successfully held the 5th Hua Wen Drama Festival, the 1st Kunming International Sculpture Festival, the 99¡¯ Kunming International Art Festival, the 8th International Music Festival, China-Italy Wide Screen Film Festival, and some other international activities which have great influence on the world.

In recent years, the teachers and students of Yunnan Arts Institute have visited Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United States and France, and so on. They performed and held art exhibitions on invitation in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Italy, etc. All of these activities have promoted the communication and collaboration of Yunnan Arts Institute.
Since the International Art Exchange and Collaboration Center of Yunnan Arts Institute established, there are over 1000 people, including foreign experts, scholars, have visited Yunnan Arts Institute. Besides, the International Exchange and Collaboration Center of Yunnan Arts Institute selected nearly 30 faculties for various overseas study projects. These programs promoted the international education level and reputation of Yunnan Arts Institute.

Music School

The Music School consists of the Composition Department, Musicology Department, Wind and Stringed Instrument Department, Keyboard Department, Vocal Music Department, Ethnic Music Department, Music Education Department, Modern Music Department, a Research Base for Yunnan Ethnic Music, Center for Remote Music Education, Pianistic Art Center, Performance Center, Training Center, and an Education Assisting Workshop. It confers MAs on Composition and Theories on Composition Techniques, Music Stage Performance, and Musicology (in practice or in education)

Fine Arts School

The Fine Arts School was founded in 1959. It has BA¡¯s programs for Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Engraving, Artistic Photography, Modern Communication and Printing, Fine Art Education, Study of Fine Arts, five-year BA¡¯s program on Sculpture, two-year non-degree program (which allows eligible candidates to apply for another two years¡¯ study for a BA¡¯s degree), three-year non-degree program for Computer Art, three-year non-degree program for Fine Art Education and a master¡¯s program for Study of Fine Arts. Oil Painting and Engraving are listed as the provincial special research projects.

Art Design School

Art Design School offers three BA programs (for Art Design, Animation, and Study of Art Design), and three non-degree higher education programs (Advertisement and Commercial Design, Clay Sculpture, and Art Design Based on Computer). It also confers a master¡¯s degree on Study of Art Design. Up to now there are 1,120 fulltime undergraduates both for degrees and non-degrees.

Dance School

The Dance School was founded in 1961, and now trains students for BA¡¯s, three-year training programs, five-year BA degree programs, and five-year high school and non-degree higher education. The school is facilitated with ten teaching and academic sections: Ballet Training Section, Folk Dance Teaching Section, Chorography Section, History and Theory Teaching Section, Music Teaching Section, Adult Training Section, Teaching Research Center, Folk Dance Research Center, Creation & Research Center, and Dance Training Center. Up to now more than 500 students are registered in this School.

Drama School

The Drama School of Yunnan Arts Institute is responsible for the Study of Drama and Opera, which is one of the provincial special research projects in Yunnan. Its undergraduate programs include Drama Literature, Directing, Acting, Stage Design, Art of Broadcasting and Hosting, Modeling£¬Drama, Film and TV Design. The postgraduate programs consist of Drama and Opera Study, for which students may choose to specialize in Chinese and Foreign Drama History and Theory, Ethnic Drama, Aesthetic Study of Drama, Playwright, Directing Theory and Practice Teaching, Acting Theory and Practice Teaching.

Art £¦ Culture Department

The Art and Culture Department was founded in September, 2002. It has BA¡¯s programs for Public Affairs Management which trains students in Cultural and Art Management. Now there are 216 students in this department.

Film and Television Department

The Film and Television Department was founded in July, 2001. It has BA¡¯s programs on Broadcast and Television Directing and Film and Television Photography. The Department also educates students in music editing under the program for Broadcast and Television Directing.

The Arts School Affiliated to Yunnan Arts College

Affiliated School of Art was established in 1959, it is a middle and high school of art which subordinating to Yunnan Education Bureau. There is a working staff for 95 persons, and 83 persons are teachers. And there are about 1000 students in the school at present. There are three departments: Music, Fine Art and Dance, and these departments offer the following programs: Vocal, Instrument Performance, Film and TV Performance, Art of Broadcasting and Hosting, Modern and Pop Music, Public Art and Culture, Painting, Art Design, Sculpture, Stage Art Design, Dance Performance for three years middle school, six years middle and high school, and five years college diploma. It has cultivated over 2000 excellent students for the national art universities since it has been established.

Continued Education and High Professional Education School

Continued Education and High Professional Education School was set up in 2002. The Continued Education School has 4 graduate departments, including Music, Fine Art, Art Design, and Dance, which provide 13 majors. The High Professional Education School has 5 majors with 3 years, including Performance Art, Computer Art Design, Advertisement Design and produce, Audiovisual Technology, Broadcasting and Hosting. There are 84 full-time and part-time teachers, and 1490 students in all study levels. It has excellent teacher resource and teaching equipment, which supply good study environment for the students, and has trained a large group of art and teaching talents for the society