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Yunnan Arts Institute (YNAI), which was founded in 1959, is the only comprehensive art university in Southwest China. It is authorized by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Department to confer Master Degrees on Dramatics, Musicology, Study of Art Design, Study of ArtŁ¬Study of Fine Arts and Study of Dance. YNAI consists of ten teaching units: School of Music, School of Dance, School of Drama, School of Fine Arts, School of Art Design, School of Movie & Television; School of Art & Culture; School of Continued Education and a privately sponsored Wen Hua College. The university also has an Affiliated Art School. It has more than 7000 students and about 600 teachers till now.

The Center of International Art Exchange (COIAE) of YNAI is responsible for recruiting, teaching, and administrating international students. COIAE has 4 staff members and 6 Chinese teachers, all of whom are holders of the Certificate for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and many more experienced full-time and part-time teachers teaching either art or Chinese courses. Since 1996 when YNAI was authorized to enroll international students, more than 1000 students have studied the Chinese Language, cultural courses or arts here.

International students, as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are all welcome to apply to YNAI for either degree study, or non-degree study which can be either long-term or short-term. Students can also come with exchange programs or other academic activities.


With its richness and diversity of the ethnic cultures and arts in Yunnan Province, YNAI provides its students with unique programs. Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Print Making, Art Design (including Environment Design, Interior Design, Packaging Design, Animation, Fresco, Ceramic, Ethnic Fashion Design, Commercial Design etc.), Traditional and Ethnic Chinese Musical Instruments Performing, Vocal Music, Western Instruments Performing, Traditional and Ethnic Chinese Dance, Ballet, Chorography are among the most chosen courses by the international students. Besides, Chinese History and Culture, Ethnic Culture Research, Martial Arts, Photography, Chinese Music History, Drama Acting, Broadcasting and Anchoring, Model Training, Choreography and Film Editing, Chinese Film Appreciation, Film Making, Art Management, etc. just to name a few, are also open to your choice.