Based on the cooperation with the foreign countries, the international department of Yihai Sino Bright No. 8 has set up a multilateral cooperation relationship which is mainly with Canada. By establishing variety of Chinese-foreign cooperative projects, introducing advanced educational resources of the world, we explore many kinds of way to the world. By providing international education, improving students’ international language ability, increasing them international knowledge and ability of living abroad and establishing his/her own business, Yihai lays a solid foundation for students going worldwide and pursuing for the development.

Beijing Yihai Sino Bright No.8 international department provides academic and non-academic education with the cooperation between China and foreign countries. Academic education opens some courses with international characteristics in middle school and primary school, which is an improvement in English teaching. Students, who learn academic education, can not only study science in English by the time they finish the ordinary primary and secondary curriculum, but can also be prepared to enter the institutions of high education or go aboard. Beijing Sino Bright No.8 Campus also offers the courses for foreign students as well as Chinese course to help them enter Chinese Universities.

The non -academic -credential education includes the Chinese and foreign cooperation English nursery which appoints foreign preschool teachers to carry out the English preschool education curriculum; And it also includes training classes for junior and senior middle school graduates. And some educational institutions of Canada, US, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Australia, South Korea cooperate fully with it. At the same time, our school also has many kinds of language training classes, and we also actively promote Chinese teaching to overseas countries.

Students from all over China and the world can be enrolled in Yihai Sino bright No. 8 international department. At here, you can see the dormitory prepared for the international students as well as the canteen and all kinds of classroom for different specialties. Facilities have been properly furnished and equipped; the environment is comfortable and safe in the community, and the transportation here is convenient. It is our ideal to provide teenagers with modernized as well as internationalized service with high qualified education.

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