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Studying as International Students in Xuzhou Engineering Institute

Xuzhou Institute of Technology is situated in Xuzhou, a national historical and cultural city and the center of Huaihai Economic Zone. Xuzhou city is located at 34°16 N and 117°11 E in Jiangsu province, an east coastal province in China. It enjoys pleasant climate with neither scorching hot in summer, nor bitter cold in winter. The urban area covers 200 square kilometers with a population of 9 million. There are 10 universities in the city. Xuzhou is at the junction of Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Longhai Railway, serving as a vital transportation hub in China. It is only 3 hours drive away from Qufu city, the hometown of Confucius, one hour away from Nanjing, two hours away from Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jinan, and Zhengzhou by the trains departing from the city. Its railway station waiting hall is spacious and comfortable. Xuzhou Guanyin Airport operates with international standard. It provides airlines service flying to 13 large and medium-sized cities of China, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou, Kunming, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hefei and Lianyungang.

Besides its traffic convenience, Xuzhou is one of time-honored ancient cities in China. Its several-thousand-year history of civilization has left numerous treasures. Historical sites such as Horse-terrace of Xiangyu, Conqueror of the Western Chu Kingdom; Stone Tablet inscribed with "Ode to Great Wind" by Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty, the Crane-releasing Pavilion where Sushi, a great poet and scholar of the Song Dynasty, was reluctant to leave, the Swallow Pavilion favored and recited with a cadence by men of letters of dynasties in Chinese history, the Great Buddha carved in North Wei and the underground cities of the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been world famous since long. The unearthed cultural relics of the Han Dynasty such as Han tombs, tomb stone engraving, Jade Garment sewn with silver thread and Han Dynasty Terra Cotta Warriors have formed group culture, which is rare and fascinating in China. Famous Han culture relics are being displayed in Xuzhou Museum. In addition, there are ten thousands of relics pieces of the New Stone Age in the Dadunzi ruin and the Huating ruin, which reflect the developed culture of the prehistoric age in Xuzhou area. With Yunlong Hill and Yunlong Lake as the centre of its southern suburb, a scenery area of 38 square kilometers is unified as a single entity with the combination of ancient and modern gardens. The rich cultural soil and charming natural scenery have inspired Li Keran, a great painting artist, Ma Ke, a talented musician and numerous well-known scholars. The folk wushu, folk music, Xuzhou opera, balladry and folk paper-cut, all with local character, are rich and colorful. Han culture, the shining of modern and ancient codes and records and the combination of the natural scenery with human cultural landscape, have made Xuzhou a brand-new tourist city.

The institute was created as a full time regular undergraduate college by the merger of Pengcheng Vocational College and Xuzhou Cadre College of Economic Management in 2005 following approval by the Ministry of Education of China and People’s Government of Jiangsu province. In June, 2007, having got the permission from the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Xuzhou Normal Academy was merged into it.

Focusing on the target to prepare talents with practical skills and following the spirit of our motto “In order to acquire knowledge, one should study the nature of phenomena, be committed to his/her work and enjoy company”, the institute has formed the philosophy of running the institute with quality, talents, characteristic as well as the combination teaching, learning and researching, continuously optimizes its development characteristics and improves its teaching quality with steady increase both in its academic level and comprehensive strength. Now the institute occupies a total area of 1,990 mu, or 1,326,666 square meters with 1.2 billion yuan fixed assets and 110 million yuan teaching instruments and equipment. It recruits students from 15 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions. Now it has a total enrollment of more than 19 thousand full time students. By paying close attention to the demand of local economical and social development, the institute has improved its discipline construction and adjusted its specialty direction. It has formed a program system that takes engineering as its key discipline while exploring coordinative development of other disciplines. Now the institute has 14 secondary and adults’ education colleges offering 38 undergraduate programs. It boasts 2 national first class distinguished majors, 2 provincial key constructed disciplines and 6 provincial distinguished majors and constructed points. There are also 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and constructed points, 8 institute level experiment teaching centers, 26 college level laboratories, 3 specialty internship bases and 200 off campus training bases. It has established 1 provincial creative experimental base of personnel cultivation mode with 1 provincial teaching team, 10 provincial quality courses and 15 provincial quality teaching materials. It has won 1 first prize and 8 second awards in the show of provincial higher education teaching achievement projects.

The institute now has 1044 full-time teachers, including 343 teachers with senior professional title. Among them, one is a judge of the State science and technology prizes, three are awarded second grade professors, two are young and middle aged specialists with excellent contribution to Jiangsu Province, four are trained as “six greatest talents and elites” of Jiangsu Province, seventeen are training targets of “333 project”, five are academic young and middle aged leaders of “blue developing object”, twenty-seven are excellent young core teachers, twenty-eight are excellent specialists and top-notch talents.

The institute strongly promote and further scientific research and ability for social service. A series of high level academic exchange conference have been held successfully, such as “The national academic seminar on agriculture environment problem "and " China xuzhou intangible cultural heritage forum of higher officials” . since 2006, the institute gained 116 provincial/ministry scientific research programs, 10 national natural science fund programs, 4 social science fund programs, 13 programs planed by Ministry of education, 20 provincial/ ministry social and scientific awards, 9 scientific and technological awards; 1 sci-tech innovation group under “blue developing object”, 2 provincial key constructed labs and 18 provincial/municipal engineering technological centers, 110 production, study and research bases, 81 commercialization of sci-tech achievements, as well as 340 sci-tech horizontal cooperation.

The institute was elected as one of the 2nd batch of “university for Excellent engineers education training plan”, “model University of students entrepreneurial education in Jiangsu province” , characteristics in Cultivating talents with applied competence increasing highlights. Students of the institute achieved outstand results in national competition many times, including 2 silver awards in the 7th “challenge cup” of Chinese university students entrepreneurial plan competition, 6 first prizes and 15 second awards in international and national mathematical modeling competition for university students, 26 first medals in national university student English proficiency competition. Students of the institute also ranked good places in the following professional skill competitions: national university student Bridge Championships, mechanics competition, social practice and sci-tech contest in energy saving and emission reduction, e-commerce championships of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial activity.

The institute boast the principle of "bringing in and going out", positively carry out wide and multi-layer international cooperation and exchange, establishing good coordination with 17 universities in 15 countries, such as US, France, Australia and Russian, etc. it has 10 Chinese and foreign cooperation school projects with 836 students; 2 foreign teachers are awarded “The Jiangsu Province May 1 Labour Medal”. It is listed as the one of the universities accepting Jiangsu Province “Jasmine Scholarship” and has admitted over 40 international students.

The institute was titled by Jiangsu Province as “Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Provincial Civilized University”, as well as “Provincial Civilized Unit model”. Besides, it is awarded by Jiangsu Province Labor Unions “May 1 Labour Medal” , “Home of Model Workers of provincial edu-sci system”, as well as “Garden-like Unit”, “Advanced Unit of collective and spiritual civilization construction”

Charge Standard (RMB/yuan):

Student Types

Academic Year/Person



Students for Advanced Study (Including Chinese)


Short-term Chinese-learning Students

600/week (4~10 weeks)

Living Facilities and Conditions: Our institute provides students with housing facilities having air-conditioning, television, telephone, and bathrooms, etc. Charge Standard: Double Room: 20~60 Yuan/bed/day; Single Room: 50~80 yuan/bed/day. There are service and sports facilities, such as shops, banks, school clinics, student canteens, net bars, gymnasiums, etc. in our institute. There exist 3 separate campuses of our institute, with 10 to 20 minutes ride to downtown area by car or bus. The charge of meal for an international student is 20 to 30 yuan per day per person.

The Qualification and Requirements of the Applicants: The applicants should be physically healthy and be on the straight. The applicants who apply for the undergraduate certificate should have more than high school graduation background and some educational background of Chinese language. The Students for Advanced Studying: The term begins in early February or early September each year, so please make your application two months in advance, prior to the above times.