Welcome to Xianyang Normal University

Are you looking to study at a Chinese University? Do you want to learn to speak, read and write Mandarin and be immersed in the rich Chinese history and culture? Do you expect to gain a better understanding of Asia? ...Then Xianyang Normal University is an ideal choice for you!

Excellent Geographic Location

Xianyang Normal University is located in the city of Xianyang, Shaanxi province. The city is in the hinterland of a broad fertile plain north of the Qinling Mountains. Wei River, a branch of the Yellow River, flows through the city, and not far to the south, stand the Qinling Mountains, which serve as China's watershed between North and South. The well-known ancient city Xi’an is only 10 kilometers away. The two cities share the Xi’an/Xianyang International Airport, which is only 8 kilometers from Xianyang. Our city enjoys a pleasant climate with four clearly distinct seasons. The area also abounds in resources. Xianyang is a charming city and has been listed as one of the ten most livable cities in China, attracting tourists from home and abroad.

Rich Historical and Cultural Atmosphere

In ancient China, the south side of a mountain and the north bank of a river were referred to as the "Yang", or the “Sunny Side”. Xianyang is on the north bank of the Wei River and just south of the Jiuzong Mountain, therefore its name "Xianyang" means the “Sunny Side City”!

Xianyang was the capital city of the Qin Dynasty, the first united feudal dynasty in China's history. It also served as the capital city of the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and so on for 13 dynasties, and it was the first stop for merchants traveling westward on the famous "Silk Road".

Surrounding Xianyang are the emperor tomb mounds of Qianling, Yangling, Maoling, Zhaoling and many other historic sites, stretching 100 kilometers or so, making quite a splendid view. So it is known as "China's pyramid groups", "the Natural Historical Museum" and area of the “Tombs of the Emperors”.

Nearby Xi'an is home to the world famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and also has many other rich historic and cultural resources, namely, the Bell Tower, the Shaanxi History Museum, Xi'an Stele Forest Museum, Xi'an City Wall, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Hot Springs and more.

Shaanxi Province also has many cultural spots, such as Famen Temple, Yellow Emperor Maosoleum, Sima Qian Temple and the cradle of the Chinese Revolution Site — Yan'an. There are also Mount Hua, Mount Li and the Hukou Waterfall tourist districts, all famous for their beautiful scenery.

Distinctive Language Study Environment

Xianyang is a middle-sized city of about 600,000 in the city proper. It is not far from the larger metropolis of Xi’an, and thus is quite convenient for living. Furthermore, it provides a distinctive language study environment. Students in the metropolis, where many foreigners choose to live, of course have many more chances to communicate in their mother tongue. However, in Xianyang encounters with foreigners are much less frequent, and students are surrounded by Chinese and employ Chinese more frequently – just the ideal environment for studying Chinese and understanding Chinese culture.

First-Class Teaching Conditions

Xianyang Normal University, endowed with modern teaching facilities and rich teacher resources, is undertaking the task of teaching foreign students Mandarin. Many of the teachers have received their National Teachers of Chinese as a Second Language Certificate and are experienced and efficient in teaching. Students enrolled here are from America and Britain. Language courses from beginning level and up are provided as well as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese drawing and Chinese Traditional Culture. Student organizations like Qinhan Calligraphy Carving Union, History Union and Loess Literary Union welcome you to join.

We enthusiastically invite you to come and study at Xianyang Normal University! You can expect a warm and hearty welcome! We are at your service to ensure you an amazing and rewarding experience

A Brief Introduction to the University

Xianyang Normal University, a province-owned university focusing on the training of teachers, is located in the historically and culturally famous city — Xianyang. The university was established in May 1978 with its original name being Xianyang Special Training Department of Shaanxi Normal University. Through ratification from the Ministry of Education, Xianyang Teachers’ College was established in December 1978. On May 11, 2001, Xianyang Teachers’ College merged with Xianyang Education Institute that was established in 1983 and upgraded into Xianyang Normal University.

For the past thirty years, the university has inherited the fine tradition of teachers’ training and stuck to the university-running orientation of serving basic education so that its teaching quality and university-running standard have been constantly ameliorated by implementing the school motto of “virtuousness and eruditeness”.

The university initiated its construction project of new campus area in 2002. After 2003, the constructed buildings are put to use so that the university-running conditions are gradually improved. At present, the university covers an area of 675,300 square meters of land with a floor space of 170,600 square meters for teaching and administrative use. There are 36 laboratories with the total value of instruments and equipment being ¥67,186,900.

13500 students reside on the campus. Xianyang Normal University is comprised of 14 departments, 18 research institutes, and an adult education institute. There are currently 31 majors for undergraduates, of which 16 majors are teacher-training ones and 15 majors are non-teacher-training ones, including such seven disciplines as literature, science, history, law, pedagogy, management science, and engineering. Currently there is one prominent major at provincial level, two prominent majors at collegiate level, three classic courses at provincial level and 23 courses at collegiate level, 86 courses of key construction at collegiate level. The university has altogether established 186 fixed teaching practicum and fieldwork bases. “Xianyang Municipal Teacher-Training Centre” has its headquarters in the university.

Xianyang Normal University has 1,100 staff members, of whom 690 are full-time teachers. There are 221 professors and associate professors. 385 full-time teachers are PhDs and masters. Four teachers enjoy special allowances from the State Council. Two teachers have got the title of “Shaanxi Province Famous Teacher”, while two other teachers have got the title of “Shaanxi Province Excellent Teacher”. Two teachers have got the title of “Advanced Worker” either at provincial or municipal level.

Currently there are four key disciplines in Xianyang Normal University. In addition, the following disciplines are gaining favorable advantages, such as the education of patriotism, history of Qin and Han dynasties, culture in Sui and Tang dynasties, ancient Chinese system of imperial examinations, numerical value analysis, wavelet and image processing, theory on differential calculus and manifold, the transmission and reflection of electric wave of dispersed medium, high charge state particle physics, microwave imaging, photochemistry analysis and electrochemistry analysis, functional material, wet friction materials, and the geographical research of Qinling spermatophyte genus, physiognomy, and environmental transition. Since 2004, teachers in XYNU have hosted or participated in four national level research projects, 15 provincial department level projects. 2,229 research papers have been published, of which 747 papers belong to core journals, 66 papers have been indexed by SCI, EI. 65 sets of monographs and textbooks have been published, of which 24 have been awarded Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Prize, Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Prize for Colleges and Universities, and Excellent Achievement Prize for Humanities and Social Sciences Research, etc.

Journal of Xianyang Normal University was initiated in 1986 and published inside and outside China. It has obtained the “Prize of Excellent Science and Technology” of Shaanxi Province and the “Prize of Excellent Editing and Publishing” and is also judged as an excellent journal in accordance with CAJ-CD Specifications. Feature columns are set up in the journal, such as studies on the literature and history of Qin and Han dynasties, studies on liberal arts, studies on regional economy and sustainable development of resources. A great number of relevant articles have been published and a prominent feature of regional culture research is being formed in such aspects as carrying forward local humanistic spirit, developing local potentialities in historical culture, reviewing local revolutionary historical fact, and discussing local economic development. Quite a number of articles are reprinted in Xinhua Digest and Copied Materials of Renmin University of China. Studies on the literature and history of Qin and Han dynasties were evaluated as “Excellent Column of National Social Sciences Journals”. The journal of Chinese Qin and Han Dynasties’ History Association entitled Studies on Qin and Han Dynasties is edited and published by the university and has some influence inside China.

The university has held the campus culture and art festival for 12 years with 30 students’ associations set up. In terms of social practice in summer vacation, students in the university have won the title of “Advanced Institution for National Social Practice in Summer Vacation” awarded by the Central Committee of Youth League. The students are active in all kinds of scientific and cultural activities, who have achieved successively in such contests as national college students’ mathematics modeling contest, electronic design contest, English speech contest, college students’ talent manifestation contest, advanced mathematics of college students in Shaanxi Province, and contest of computer application ability.

The university adheres to an open-up approach to its university-running management. For the past few years, educational delegations from Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea have been to the university. Since 2001, the university has recruited 13 foreign teachers from 10 different countries and areas for teaching posts. At the invitation of foreign higher education institutions and education institutes, 23 teachers from the university have been to such countries and areas like France, U. S., South Korea, and Japan for surveys, visits and academic exchanges. Since the establishment of the university, more than 20,000 graduates of different majors have been trained. And the majority of graduates have become the backbone of basic education. There emerge a great number of excellent teachers, advanced educators, advanced scientific research talents, cultural and artistic celebrities, and political and administrative leaders. For the past few years, Xianyang Normal University has won consecutive titles such as "Advanced National Collective for Oral and Written Language Promotion", "Outstanding National Collective for Social Practice", “Gardenlike Institution” in Shaanxi Province, "The Best Institution” in Shaanxi Provincial Educational System, "Advanced Grassroots Party Committee" in Shaanxi Provincial Educational System, and "Municipal Civilized Work Unit" in the City of Xianyang.