Profile of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications

Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT) was founded in 1950 in Xi'an city, one of the world's four great ancient capitals – home to the world famous Terracotta Army. The city has over 3000 years of history, and served intermittently as the capital of eleven dynasties leaving many historical remains. After many years’ development, the university has now owned two campuses with the original Yanta campus adjacent to Dayan Pagoda and its new campus facing the Zhongnan Mountains. With the beautiful surroundings, rich cultural atmosphere and comprehensive facilities, XUPT is the best choice to study while being immersed in typical Chinese culture.

XUPT has now become an engineering-based university featuring information and science technology, which jointly develops with management science, economics, humanities, legal science and art. It was the only higher education institute in northwest China established by the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and is now one of the universities that possess “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” which was given by the Ministry of Education. XUPT is the also only university in northwestern China that undertakes the training programs for Asian Pacific Telecommunications (APT) and is a People's Liberation Army (PLA) reserve offices' training school. With the authorization to grant Bachelors and Masters Degrees by the government, XUPT is one of the universities enjoying the right to enroll international students who want to study in China.

During its 60 year development, XUPT has become an important base for high technology research and high technology talent training in electronic and telecommunications fields, forming multi-level education programs for undergraduate and graduate studies. The university has 40 master's programs, 43 undergraduate programs. There are more than 16,000 full time students in the university.

With a proud tradition of excellence in teaching and research, XUPT has a faculty consisting of academicians and a team of eminent professors and researchers. This has helped the university earn a great reputation throughout society. Ever since its establishment, XUPT has fostered over 60,000 high-grade graduates in all fields, most of whom work in communication enterprises, communication manufacturing enterprises, and information-related positions. Many of them have already become backbones of the business while some have reached important leadership positions.

With superiority in IT and other majors XUPT attracts those students who want to besuccessful in the electronics and information fields. It is also an ideal school for lots of students at home and abroad.

XUPT has been actively involved with international academic exchanges and cooperation, having established cooperative relations with prestigious colleges and universities in over 40 countries in Europe, United States and Asia-pacific area. XUPT is also involved in joint research programs, cooperative training of graduates, along with other academic and scholarly exchanges. Every year the school enrolls overseas students from Asia-Pacific area, ASEAN countries, America, Germany and other countries to study specialist areas and Chinese. The university also offers scholarships for international students who come to study in the university.