Introduction of Xinjiang Agricultural University (XJAU)

Founded in Aug 1, 1952, Xinjiang Agricultural University(XJAU) is a key school in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, formerly known as Xinjiang August 1st Agricultural College. In April 21, 1995 the school was renamed Xinjiang Agricultural University by the former National Education Commission.


XJAU campus covers an area of 1496 acres. In addition, it also has two practice farms, called Sanping and South Mountain respectively. The former covers 2,755800 million square meters. And the latter covers more than 4600 square meters. Its library has a collection of 1,047300 million books.


Over the half century, XJAU has already developed into a multi-level and discipline institution that takes the undergraduate education as the basis with the coordinated development of doctor education, master education, international education, higher vocational education and continuing education. Its discipline covers 7 academic areas, such as agriculture, science, engineering, management, literature and law etc. It has 6 first-level discipline Ph. D programs which cover 16 second-level disciplines Ph D programs,18 first-level disciplines master’s degree programs which cover 72 second-level master’s degrees programs, 4 specialist master degree and 54 undergraduate degree program. XJAU currently has 800 faculty with the total enrollment of 20,000 students.


XJAU has been attaching great importance to the international exchanges and cooperation, XJAU has established cooperative agreements with over twenty universities and academic institutes in ten different countries or districts, such as US, Japan, Australia, Russia, etc. About 300 foreign experts visited XJAU, delivered lectures and conducted scientific research cooperation, over 500 university faculty members and postgraduates were sent abroad to study and conduct academic exchange activities. 

It began to admit overseas students in 1986, and since then more than 1000 overseas students from 30 countries graduated in long/short-term Chinese, Uygur, Kazak language and animal husbandry, grassland, agriculture, economic and other subjects.

XJAU possesses an irreplaceable position in the socio- economic development and higher education in Xinjiang, which takes account for 10% of the undergraduate education in the region.