Admission Brochure  General Information of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) lies in the history-honored cultural city of Xi'an, with the world famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda of the Tang Dynasty in the south and the magnificent City Wall of the Ming Dynasty in the north. The beautiful campus covers a total area of 3,100,000 m 2 with convenient transportation.

XAUAT has accumulated the pristine distillate of earliest specialties as civil engineering and architecture in Chinese history of higher education, with 115 years of education and 55 years of amalgamation. After over a century of development and construction, now the university is a multi-disciplinary university featured with civil engineering and architecture, with science and engineering as its main body, integrated with liberal arts, law, economy, management, art, education etc.

XAUAT comprises 16 colleges and departments and offer more than 50 bachelor programs, 5 first-tier doctor's programs,25 second-tier doctor's programs. There are 4 post-doctoral research stations, 6 national level specialties, 11 provincial branded specialties. It was also authorized to confer the master's degrees for higher education, engineering, landscape architecture and architecture etc.

At present, there are more than 2,500 staff members in the university. Three has obtained the title of academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 700 professors or associate professors with senior technical titles. There are more than 40,000 students on the registration, of whom more than 26,000 are undergraduates and 5,000 students are in pursuit of masters or doctorate degrees.

XAUAT has formed the university motto “Independence, Realism, Inquisitiveness and Creativity ” in adhering to the guidelines “Education serves for rejuvenation of the nation and science and technology for the wealth of the people” and has trained more than 140,000 talents who are both academically and morally qualified. They are actively involved in the economic development and construction of China. The university is forward-looking and continually adopts programs and teaching methods to cultuvate today's students for tomorrow's careers.

We are dedicated to the highest quality of education, exerting our effort in pursuit of academic excellence. We are striving forward to make XAUAT a nationally and internationally renowned university.

An Introduction to the School of Language, Literature and Law

The School of Language, Literature and Law is a school of liberal arts based on foreign language teaching and characterized by prestigious teaching and research, consisting of two disciplines—literature and lwas, and enrolls undergraduates majoring respectively in Chinese language and literature, English language and literature, teaching Chinese as a foreign language , law, and theatre, movie and teleplay literature. The school confers BA and LLB degrees, and LLM degrees in science of environment and natural resources law. The famous Chinese comtemporary writer Jia Pingwa is the Honorary Dean.

At present, the teaching and administrative staff totals over 150, among whom there are 6 professors, 45 associate professors, 3 teachers with PhD degrees, 10 PhD candidates, 79 teachers with master's degree. 8 famous writers, critics, playwrights are engaged as part-time professors . The school comprises 12 faculty sectors for teachers to undertake the task of teaching and researching. It is also the home of the Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners which offers Chinese language training programs to international students and foreign teachers.

The school has over 1,000 undergraduates and 90 master's degree candidates. Up till now, more than 1,000 students have graduated, among whom some continue to pursue their master's degrees in famous universities at home and abroad and many are serving as backbones in various fields of the society. Over the years, one time employment rate has been as high as 98%. Most of them have got credit for their excellent performance and are popular with their employers.

With the advantage of the Chinese department and the English department complementing each other, the school lays equal emphasis on the Chinese and English language and literature studies and enjoys fruitful achievements in teaching and academic research. It now appeals to more international students for their pursuit of BA in the school. With the expertise in languages studies and the integrated feature of Chinese language, English language and teaching Chinese as foreign language, the school has created favourable conditions and relatively complete education structure for international students in their prusuit of BA.

An Introduction to Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners

Authorized by Shaanxi Provincial Education Department, Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) was established in March, 2008 to accommodate and train foreign students from the world. With the advantage of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Chinese language and English language faculties complement each other, Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners (CLTCF) has cultivated more than 160 foreign students from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, America, Germany, Russia and Ghana since its establishment. Meanwhile, CLTCF has been offering Chinese language program for foreign teachers of XAUAT.

CLTCF is in charge of Chinese language education, foreign students' registration and daily management etc. It has 2 administrators, 8 full-time teachers, 7 guest lecturers , 3 of whom are associate professors, 5 lecturers. 80% of the teachers hold master's degrees; 5 teachers have been appointed by Hanban / Confucius Institue Headquarters to teach Chinese in U.S. (Lafayette School Cooperation of Indiana State, Bridgeport High School of West Virginia, Winton Woods Middle School of Ohio), SSAT College of U.K., Berlin BVA Middle School of Germany and Tribhuvan University of Nepal respectively for one or two years and received many compliments and praises.

CLTCF has laid the emphasis on improving foreign students' Chinese competency and proficiency in an efficient and effective way. Possessing a group of experienced teaching faculties and administrative staff with hospitality cum patience. CLTCF applies scientific modern methodology for teaching Chinese and provides foreign students with facilitated teaching and learning environment. Chinese language teaching focues on foreign students' literacy, articulation and application. Apart from core curriculums like Chinese, grammar, listening, oral Chinese, reading and writing, there are optional courses related to Chinese history and culture introducing Taiji, calligraphy, music and Kongfu which are appealing to foreign students. The center attaches great importance to HSK exam and offers exam-intensive training. Besides, students can participate in a wide variety of activities designed according to their cultural background and psychological features, such as extra-curriculums, sports events, entertainments, short excursion or field-trip study to better understand Chinese culture and utilize Chinese language.

The CLTCF recruits foreign applicants every semester. Welcome to study Chinese at CLTCF of XAUAT! Your comprehension of China starts from here!

Admission Brochure

Academic Training Programs (Non-degree Programs):
Short-term Chinese Language advancement program: for students requiring advancing Chinese?language competency and proficiency
Short-term Chinese Language training program: Spring semester class Autumn semester class
Long-term Chinese Language training program: training covers at least two academic  semesters
Chinese Language field-trip study program: for students fascinated by Chinese culture and language; recruiting is available all year round;
classe starts with 10 applicants. The academic curriculums and itinerary for outing can be tailored based on requestsHSK training program: for students oriented to HSK exam; class starts with 10 applicants?Students Suitable

All international students and foreign people of great interest in Chinese culture and language, under age of 60, in good health condition, who hold a degree over senior high school level and have no any criminal records can apply to study at CLTCF of XAUAT. The HSK program requires those who apply for degree study with initial language level 3. Those without any Chinese learning experiences can start from preparatory level.

3. Application Procedures

1) Individual applicant, foreign colleges, schools or groups can directly contact with CLTCF;
2) Individual applicants can have access to to fill in the International Students (Language Training) Application Form of XAUAT, and submit it to CLTCF of XAUAT on the Internet one month before new semester begins, attaching copy of passport, high school diploma and no criminal record.
3) After application is approved, CLTCF will have Acceptance Letter and International ? Students Visa Application Form ( JW202 Form) mailed to the applicant. The applicant will go through the formalities for visa to China in the Chinese Embassy in their country or region.

Teaching Arrangement

1) Training Objectives:
Preparatory level takes the students from beginner to elementary level, by teaching Pin Yin (Chinese Phonetics), character writing, basic oral Chinese, who are able to have command over 1,500 characters for daily communication and basic literal competency. Elementary level helps students with basic Chinese language knowledge to improve Chinese language proficiency in terms of vocabulary (more than 2500), reading competency, grammar and so no. Low-intermediate level trains students to achieve HSK intermediate level requirements; high-intermediate level trains students to achieve HSK medium level requirements. Advance level trains students to achieve HSK higher standards so as to study under- graduate programs.
2) Courses Supplied
After placement test, foreign students are divided into classes meeting their Chinese language levels, respectively preparatory level, elementary level, low-intermediate level, high-intermediate level and advance level. Courses include: Basic Character, Chinese Reading, Oral Chinese, Listening, Writing, Chinese History, Chinese Culture, HSK Testing, Taiji, Calligraphy etc.
3) HSK Exam
China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as HSK or the Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized test at the state level designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers (foreigners, overseas Chinese and students of Chinese national minorities). HSK is held 4 times a year in Xi'an International Studies University. China National Committee for HSK grants certificates. CLTCF regularly organizes students to attend the exam.
4) Field-trip Study or Tour Study
Each semester, field-trip study or tour study to scenic spots and well-known universities will be organized for students to better understand Chinese culture and society and to enable students to use language in the real context.

Fees and Expenses

1) Fees



Short-term Chinese Language advancement program

RMB 2,500 /month

Short-term Chinese Language training program

RMB 7,000/semester

Long-term Chinese Language training program

RMB 13,000/year

Chinese Language field-trip study program

RMB 2,500/month

2) Other Fees


Registration fee


Expenses for formalities

Physical exam



About RMB150


About RMB400

Short-term program


About RMB200

About RMB400/year

About RMB400

Long-term program


About RMB200

About RMB400/year

About RMB400

Field-trip program


About RMB100

About RMB400/year

About RMB400

3) Accommodation Fee

Types of room





TV, air-conditioner, telephone,
kettle, heating, bathroom, kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, furniture






4) Health Insurance
RMB300/half year; RMB600/year; international students are obliged to buy health insurance before registration.

Enrollment Procedures

1) Bring Acceptance Letter, International Students Visa Application Form (JW202 Form), passport
(X visa or F visa), 6 two-inch colored photoes and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners
(or Health Certificate) to register at CLTCF.
2) Residence Permit (RMB400 within one year, RMB800 over one year) is issued by Xi'an Police?
Office and paid by the applicants. Formalities of it can be assisted by CLTCF.
3) Paying the tuition fees and other relevant expenses.
4) Buying health insurance before registration.
5) Students over 6 people, arriving at Xi'an for the first time, can contact CLTCF for arranging
airport or train station pick-up service.

Information Available

Transportation available
University is located 55 km away form the Xi'an-Xianyang International Airport, 50 minutes driving; 6 km from Xi'an Railway Station, 20 minutes driving; 5 km from downtown (Bell Tower area), allowing convenient transportation, like bus 606, 601,609 etc. Major banks of China ( Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications etc.), supermarkets like Wal-Mart, post office and provincial level hospital is near the university.

Living conditions
The university provides foreign students with comfortable living environment at reasonable price. Students have access to university library, school hospital, gym, playgrounds and other university facilities.

Contact address

Mailing address: P.O. Box No. 12
Office of Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
NO. 13, Yanta Road
Xi'an, Shaanxi 710055
P. R. China
Contact number: 15810086985
Contact email: