Xi’an Aeronautical University

Xi’an Aeronautical University was founded in 1955 and was named Xi’an Aeronautical School. With the development of economy, it was awarded the rights to confer the bachelor’s degree by the Ministry of Education of China on January 13th, 2012, and gains the name of Xi’an Aeronautical University.

So far, the university can offer 65 specialties. The key majors go as follows: School of Aviation Maintenance, Aeronautical Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Computer Engineering Department, Power Engineering Department, Automobile and Medical Device Engineering Department, Economical Managing Department and English and Tourism Department, offering 51 specialties, among which the following majors give you a warm welcome. They are: the Major of Testing Techniques and Instruments, Skills to Be a Pilot, Aircraft Power Engineering Major, Aircraft Manufacturing, Civil Aviation Transportation Management.

It focuses on the science and is outstanding especially in aerospace and aviation manufacturing majors. In recent years, it gains the recognition in the following fields. The first one is to impart the aviation manufacturing talents; the second, aiming at reinforcement of employment, is to cultivate the students by the demands of enterprises and offers the students to be employed directly in enterprises with the contracts signed before and the third is its international cooperation with many universities all over the world. The last but not least is to give a full cultivation in stewardess and attendance and 95% will be employed by airlines in China.

Welcome to Xi’an Aeronautical University. We are looking forward to seeing you on our brilliant campus!