Introduction of Wenshan University

Wenshan University was founded in 2009 approved by the Ministry of Education, formerly known as Wenshan Normal College established in 1984 approved by the Yunnan Provincial People's Government.

The university is located in Wenshan City, Yunnan Province, covers an area of 733 acres. Facing Panlong River and backing against Xihua Mountain, the campus boasts unique view, lush trees, blooming flowers, and harmonious ecological environment. It is the ideal place for knowledge acquiring and success pursuing.

The university includes 10 secondary colleges, they are: College of Humanities, College of Chemistry and Engineering, College of Environment and Resource, College of Mathematics, College of Information Science, College of Foreign Languages, College of Economics and Politics, College of Physical Education, College of Arts and College of Education Sciences. The university offers 53 Undergraduate Degree and Associate Diploma programs, such as Chinese literature, History, Mathematics and Applied mathematics, Food Science and Engineering, etc. And it has established Fine Arts, History, Botany and other provincial key disciplines, professional and quality courses. The university has set up Wenshan Sanqi Institute, Biological Resources Development Center and Wenshan Ethnic Studies Institute and other research institutions.

The university has established friendly and cooperative relations with many postsecondary schools in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and carried out various forms of joint educational programs. Good progress has been made in cooperative education. The school hires English and Vietnamese foreign teachers, and recruits international students all year round.

Standard Rates(RMB)


Program Duration Tuition Note
Chinese Language Training One academic year ¥14000 yuan/year, ¥7000 yuan /semester Start in March, September each year
Undergraduate Degree One academic year ¥14000 yuan/year Start in September (study together with Chinese students)

 Please Note:
(1) The payment of tuition fees is not refundable except force majeure
(2) The school reserves the right to make temporary adjustments without further notice.

2. Other Charges

Type of Charge items fees Notes
Accommodation 4 persons/room ¥1050 yuan per person/year Shared bathroom (solar hot water), wardrobe, desk
  6 persons/room ¥800/person /year Shared bathroom (solar hot water), wardrobe, desk
Relevant fees Application fee ¥400/person  
  Physical Examination fee ¥100 /person  
  Resident permit ¥400/person for less than one year  
  Studying materials About ¥200 yuan According to the actual materials used
Insurance premium Long term students (study duration more than one semester) ¥300/person/half year

Programs and Majors List

Catalog Program Sub-program Major
Law Politics Ideological and Political Education Ideological and Political Education(Undergraduate)
Ideological and Political Education (Diploma)
Education Education Preschool Education Preschool Education (Diploma)
Five-year preschool education
Educational Technology Educational Technology (Undergraduate)
Modern Educational Technology (Diploma)
Computer Education (Diploma)
Primary School Education Primary School Education (Undergraduate)
Primary education (Liberal Arts direction)
Elementary Education (Science direction)
Physical Education Physical Education (Undergraduate)
Physical Education (Diploma)
Five-year physical education
Literature Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature (undergraduate)
  Chinese Education  (Diploma)
Secretary (Diploma)
Foreign Language and Literature English Language and Literature English Education  (Diploma)
Asian and African Language and Literature Applied Vietnamese Language (Diploma)
Artistic Science Musicology Musical Education (Diploma)
Musicology (undergraduate)
Musical Performance  (Diploma)
Five-year Music Education
Fine Arts Fine Arts (undergraduate)
Arts Education (Diploma)
Five-year Art Education
Art of Design Art and Design (Undergraduate)
Catalog Program Sub-program Major
      Art and Design (Diploma)
History History   History (Undergraduate)
  History Education (Diploma)
Science Mathematics   Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (undergraduate)
  Mathematics Education (Diploma)
Physics   Physics (Undergraduate)
  Physics Education (Diploma)
Chemistry   Chemistry (Undergraduate)
  Chemistry Education (Diploma)
Geography   Geography Education (Diploma)
Biology   Biological Sciences (Undergraduate)
  Biology Education (Diploma)
Engineering Computer Science and Technology   Computer Science and Technology (Undergraduate)
  Computer Application Technology (Diploma)
Food Science and Engineering   Food Science and Engineering (Undergraduate)
  Food Nutrition and Detection  (Diploma)
Material Engineering   Metallurgical Technology (Diploma)
Mining Engineering   Mineral Processing Technology (Diploma)
Medical Science Chinese Medicine   Chinese Pharmaceutical Technology (Diploma)
Management Science Business Administration   Tourism Management (Diploma)
  Logistics Management (Diploma)

Contact Info

Department: Department of Foreign Affairs, Wenshan University
Address: 66 Xuefu Rd., Wenshan City, Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province Zip code: 663000