About TCZJ

A General Introduction to the College

◎The first vocational college of tourism in the country
◎The only vocational college of tourism in Zhejiang province
◎An excellent college in the national evaluation of personnel education working proficiency

* Industry Based * Integration of Production Learning * Geared into the World and School Supported Abroad Study

Formerly known as Zhejiang Tourism School , Tourism College of Zhejiang was established in 1983. After the approval from the provincial government in March, 2000 for its construction and official announcement of its establishment in January, 2003, the college passed the qualification evaluation sponsored by Zhejiang Educational Bureau in June the same year and therefore became the first tourism vocational school in the country and the only independent and public tourism school of high learning in the province. In November 2006, it successfully passed the working proficiency evaluation sponsored by the Education Ministry and became the first Excellent Tourism College in the country affiliated to Zhejiang Tourism Bureau.

Located by the Qiantang River , the Mother River of Zhejiang, the college covers an area of 304 mu with a floor space of more than 100 thousand square meters. Its garden styled architecture and the modern and comprehensive teaching facilities bring out the best in each other.

The college has eight departments including Hotel Management, Travel Service Management, Tourism Planning, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Basic Course, International Education Department and Adult Education School . It also has a Books and Information Center and the State Institute of Professional Skill Appraisal. It offers 22 majors as follows: guide interpreter, travel service operation and management, tourism management, hotel management, hotel engineering maintenance and management, personnel resource management, accounting, cooking techniques and nutrition, scenic spot development and management, convention and exhibition planning and management, tourism English, tourism Japanese, practical Korean, applied Russian, acting art, tourist product designing and making and air service. It enrolls students from the whole country. At present, it has over 6,000 full time students with a staff of more than 300.

The college boasts a strong team of faculty and system of discipline. One hundred and sixty-five of the teachers hold senior or medium professional titles and 96 have doctorate or master degrees. There are also one member of Vocational Education and Teaching Supervising Committee, one discipline leading youth of the Higher Learning Schools in the province, three objects of educating under the “New Century 151 Personnel Program”, four youth supported by the province and one advanced teacher in the vocational education in the province. The college also constantly engages foreign teachers and experts of English, Japanese, Korean and Russian language. Two of the foreign teachers from the college have won the West Lake Friendship Prize. The college also boasts three state level elite courses, seven teaching materials belonging to the 11th five year plan of the education ministry, one key major of the province, ten provincial level elite courses and two specially constructed teaching materials in the province.

The college is the center of tourism higher education and tourism scientific research in the province. It is also an important window to the foreign exchange of tourism education. The schooling of the college is characterized by Industry Based, Integration of Production and Learning and Geared into the World. It has innovatively developed a “Recruitment Program” with such well-known companies and hotels as the New Century Tourism Group Company, Zhejiang World Trade Centre Hotel, Hangzhou Dragon Hotel, West Lake Sofitel and Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel Group. The college is the first one in Zhejiang province authorized to enroll foreign students, the only one admitted by APETIT, the first one to send students to foreign hotels for internship, and the first one to exchange students with foreign universities. It is one of the vocational colleges that have a large number of students studying abroad and large number of foreign students studying on its campus. It has two cooperative education programs approved by the Education Ministry..

For years, the college has been taking “Ambitious, Pragmatic, Caring and Exquisite” as its school motto. Seizing all the opportunities, the college perseveres to follow a course of internationalized tourism education one-heartedly and creatively for the goal of building itself into a college of provincially prominent, nationally famous and internationally well- known.

Address of the college: Xiaoshan Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou of Zhejiang province in China
Zip code: 311231
Tel: 15810086985
E-mail: tczj@admissions.cn

LVyuan Hanyu
TCZJ is the only higher education institution with student abroad enrollment qualification around Xiaoshan district in Hangzhou, foreign students here can get professional mandarin teaching and diploma education, with corresponding certificates. We have professional faculty&staff, 7 teachers have been granted the Certificate of Mandarin Teaching Ability (Advanced). We own 7 years’ mandarin teaching experience, our courses have been taken by 358 learners from different courtries, 105 of them got HSK certificates.
  • Free Demo Lessons
  • Excellent Teachers
  • Small-size classes
  • HSK Tutorial
  • Exquisite Environment
  • Dedicated Guidance
  • Good Facilities
  • Free Tour Every Term
  • Low cost

Class pattern

Courses Name



Elementary class

Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese,
Chinese listening, Chinese Character Writing,
Learing During Playing(including Cuisine, Calligraphy, Film, Tourism,etc.)

1 month~
1 year

per month¥6,000
per semester

Intermediate class

Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading,
Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, HSK Tuitory(grade 3--5), Chinese Film &Televison Appreciation, Chinese Character Culture

Advanced class

Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading,
Spoken Chinese, HSK tuitory(grade 6--8)
China Genaral, Chinese Film &Televison Appreciation,
Chinese Character Culture

Chinese Culture Class

Chinese Traditional Culture Experience---- Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Paper-Cutting, Calligraphy, Chinese Folk Songs, Tea Ceremony, Chinese Ceramic Art, Shadow box

Half day~
1 week

per person~¥698
per person


Assign to Chinese student classes
acc. relative speciality

1 year~
3 year

per year

Meals and Accommodation
You can choose to live in international students dormitory or college hotel. The student dormitory is equipped with 3-star standard, contains the kitchen, bathroom, shower cabinet, full-appointed furniture and electric facilities etc. The college hotel is a well-equipped three-star hotel, with clean and tidy environment, and considerate service.
CNY960 per month per person(international student dormitory, twin room)
CNY1,920 per month per person(college hotel, twin room)
CNY3,840 per month per person(college hotel, single room)
Board expenses: around CNY450/m, vary upon individual conditions.
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Add: Xiaoshan Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, P.R.China(311231)
Email: tczj@admissions.cn