English Medium Program

Program Name

Bio-technology (B.S)

Main Courses included

Bio-chemistry, Plant Physiology, Molecule Biology, Genetic Engineering, Immunology, etc

Application Package

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health and abide by Chinese laws and university’s regulations.
1. Application Form
2. Passport copy
3. High school diploma or higher academic degree certificate (notarized copy in English)
4. Transcript of High school (notarized in English)
5. Certificate of English Proficiency
(IELTS, TOEFL, English as native or official language, English test by SYAU)

Application Deadline

10 August for autumn semester and 30 November for spring semester

Fees in Chinese (RMB)

Tuition Fee: RMB16,000
Registration Fee (only once): RMB700
Bedding Fee: 300 Yuan (Including sheet, pillow and quilt)
Deposit for Apartment (refundable): RMB400
Accommodation Fee: RMB400 for shared room and RMB800 for single room per month.
Health Insurance Fee (non-refundable): RMB600 per year.
Residence Permit: 840 Yuan/1 Year (including 40 Yuan for photos) RMB400 for less than one year.
Living Costs (Including food, clothes, medicine and etc.): about RMB500- RMB1,000 Per month depending on life style.

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