About SYAU

University History

Shenyang Agricultural University (SYAU), merged by the Faculty of Agronomy of Fudan University and parts of Shenyang Agricultural College (SAC), was formally established in 1952.The history of SYAU can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century if we consider the development of SAC. In 1910, the provincial high school was set up and later changed to the Faculty of Agronomy of North-east University in 1929. In 1938, the faculty was changed to Fengtian Agricultural University and then resumed to the Faculty of Agronomy of North-east University. In 1949, the Faculty of Agronomy of North-east University, the Faculty of Agronomy of Changchun University, and the Faculty of Agronomy of Zhongzheng University formed a new college, called Shenyang Agricultural College. The famous agricultural educationist, Zhang Kewei, was the first president. In October 1979, the state council ratified SAC as a key university attached to the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1981, the state council authorized SAC to offer Master and Doctor Courses. In October 1985, SAC was renamed as SYAU after getting permission from the Ministry of Agriculture. Deng Xiaoping inscribed the university name. In April 2000, the university was jointly funded by the central and local government due to educational system change. After 50 years development, SYAU has performed as a multi- disciplinary subject key university with sound development of Agriculture, Science, Engineering, Economics and management.

Figure and Facts

  • Number of Alumni: Over 96,000
  • Full-time Faculty: 981, Professor 171, Associate professor 428
  • Full-time staff: 1,802
  • Student Body 2011-2012
    Full-time Undergraduate students: 16,125
    Doctoral students: 567
    Master students: 2,227
    Adult students: 2,980
    Part-time Graduate Students: 486
  • Courses offered: Bachelor program 49, Master program 68, Ph.D program, 31
  • Disciplines: 3 at national level, 3 at ministry level, 19 at provincial level
  • Size of Campus: 1,440 hectare