A Brief Introduction to Sichuan University of Science and Engineering

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering (SUSE) is located in Zigong, Sichuan. The city is well known home and abroad as "Salt Capital", "Dinosaur Habitat", and "Lantern City". SUSE was originally named as Southwest Branch attached to East China University of Chemical Technology, founded in 1965. In 2003, the State Ministry of Education approved a measure that merged Sichuan Institute of Light Industry and Chemical Technology, Zigong Teachers College, Zigong Polytechnic College and Zigong Institute of Education all into today’s SUSE, now a key provincial comprehensive university.

The university now possesses 3 campuses that are respectively called Huidong, Yingpan and Huangling, covering an area of about 1,498,500 square meters, with a building floor space of about 702,800 square meters. The state property of SUSE reaches the total amount of 728 million RMB, in which the total value of the equipment applied to teaching and scientific research amounts to nearly 165 million RMB. The university library is well-equipped with modern facilities and a collection of 2.14 million volumes, as well as 13000 GB electronic books and journals.

Currently, SUSE has a total staff of 2000, with about 1500 full-time teachers. 570 professors and associate professors work in the university and 705 teachers possess master or doctor degrees. There are 7 "Experts Receiving Special Governmental Allowance for Distinguished Contribution",17 "Leading Scholars and Candidates of Sichuan Province",3"Teaching Masters of Sichuan Province",4 "Model Teachers of Sichuan Province",3 "Excellent Experts with Distinguished Contribution of Sichuan Province",1 "National Excellent Teacher",5 "Excellent Teachers of Sichuan Province", and 1 "Top Ten Young Teachers of Sichuan Province", 6 "Outstanding Talents of Zigong City",4 "Excellent Experts of Zigong City" and 45 "Leading Scholars and Candidates of Zigong City".


There are 14 schools, 1 Basic Education Department, 1 Physical Education Department and 1 college for Adult Continuing-Education. There are 64 bachelor’s degree programs in science, engineering, management, social science and humanities. Among them engineering covers 9 primary disciplines which offer 24 undergraduate programs and 12 master’s programs, science covers 7 primary disciplines which offer 13 undergraduate programs, and management covers 4 primary disciplines which offer 11 undergraduate programs and 1 master’s program. Currently there are 4 Master of Engineering & GCT discipline programs. SUSE has constructed five subject groups including Material & Chemical Engineering, Biology & Food, Electronic Information, Mechanical Engineering and Management, with 4 national characteristic specialities, 3 key provincial subjects and 9 provincial characteristic specialities. The university has been a provincial construction base for personnel training and scientific research.

SUSE has always been engaged in teaching reform research and teaching quality control projects, making outstanding achievements in constructing a teaching management mechanism, perfecting the course -construction system and teaching quality assurance mechanism. In 2007, SUSE was evaluated "Excellence" in the assessment of undergraduate teaching efficiency sponsored by Ministry of Education. In recent years, SUSE has established 22 provincial excellent courses as well as 64 excellent courses of university, 2 provincial demonstration centers for experiment teaching, 1 provincial talent training model innovation demonstration center, 4 provincial teaching teams, winning 18 provincial teaching achievements. Students from SUSE have done well in the National Mathematical Model Design Competition, winning over 114 provincial prizes, with 2 national first prizes and 18 national second prizes.

SUSE is the "Model Scientific Research Institution of Provincial High and New Technology Industry" affirmed by the provincial government. In recent years, SUSE has set up 3 provincial scientific research construction platforms, 3 key provincial laboratories and 2 key provincial Philosophy and Social Science research bases, 5 key provincial laboratories for universities,2 key provincial Humane and Social Science research bases for universities, 1 national engineering technology research center and 1 branch of national engineering technology research center. SUSE has established 2 provincial engineering technology centers and 6 provincial enterprise - university - research innovation alliances with enterprises, forming 33 science & technology innovation teams. In recent years, SUSE has taken charge of nearly 1000 scientific research projects, winning over 100 prizes awarded for scientific and technological achievements at different levels. More than 5, 700 academic papers have been published, in which over 300 research papers were indexed into SCI. SUSE is also fully committed to serving the development of local economic and social projects, having signed full scale cooperation framework agreements and enterprise-university- research cooperation agreements with several local governments and over 40 famous enterprises home and abroad.

SUSE receives students from over 22 provinces (municipalities) all across China. There are over 25,000 full time students studying in this university. In the past 45 years, over 90,000 students graduated from SUSE. For years, our graduate employment rate (over 90%) has maintained a leading post among colleges and universities in Sichuan Province.

The 2nd Communist Party Congress of SUSE was concluded successfully in 2011, and the construction of a high-level university with unique features has become our goal and strategic mission. Under the guidance of the spirit of the 2nd Communist Party Congress, as well as the leadership of the university, the foundation of a high-level university and the application for the doctoral program in the "Brewage Engineering" are on the way of becoming the reality. We will adhere to the track of internal optimization development and great-leap-forward development firmly, launch the all-around construction of a high-level university, achieve the historical transformation from a teaching-focused university to teaching-and-research-focused university, and endeavor to build SUSE into a university with engineering orientation, harmonious multi-disciplinary development, unique features and outstanding predominance.