1. Long-term (Bachelor) Program Courses

Required Courses
Elementary Elementary Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Listening, Putonghua Pronunciation, Chinese Character Writing, etc.
Intermediate Intermediate Intensive Reading, Fast Reading, Chinese National Conditions, Viewing, Listening & Speaking; Classic Chinese Appreciation, Culture of Chinese Character, etc.

Off-campus Accommodation Conditions and Costs
ategory Room Type Room Facilities Cost (RMB) /month Remarks
Self Apartment Renting 1-bedroom & 1-living room Without furniture or electric appliances Approx. 600-900 Registration at the International Students Office and the local Police Station of their new address is required
2-bedroom & 1-living room Same as above Approx. 900-1200
3-bedroom & 1-living room Same as above Approx. 1200-1500

Advanced Chinese Writing, Chinese History, Advanced Intensive Reading, Advanced Listening and Speaking, News Listening, Chinese Conversation, Extensive Reading, Grammar, News Reading, Modern Chinese, Chinese Literary Works, Chinese Culture, Graduation Thesis, etc.
Elective Courses
HSK Tutorial, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Classic Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Rhetoric, Classic Chinese Poetry, Chinese Drama, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Movie, ErHu, Taijiquan, Chinese Folk Songs, etc.

2. Short-term Program Courses

Chinese Language Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Listening, Fast Reading, News Reading, etc.
Chinese Culture Chinese National Conditions, Chinese Culture, Chinese History, Chinese Geography,
Chinese Movie, etc.
Cultural Skills Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Folk Arts, Dance, Music, Song, Wushu (Martial Arts), etc.
Business Business Oral Chinese, Business Writing, etc.
Literature Selected Reading in Famous literary Works, Classic Chinese Poetry, Chinese Literary History, etc.
Language Practice Sports and recreational activities, visits to places of historical, cultural, folk and scenic interests

3. The curriculum of other majors is according to the University’s provisions.