Introduction to Shihezi City

Shihezi City is located in the middle of northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, south margin of Junggar basin. 150 km west of Urumqi, there is a beautiful and affluent, colorful and scenic place,whose name is Shihezi. Shizhezi is a garden city with its exquisite environment, and also known as the Pearl of the Desert.

Shihezi is a municipality directly under the central government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with the total area of 7 529 square km, the urban administrative division of 460 square km, built-up urban area of 25 square km. The total population reaches to 550 000, urban population 240 000. Shihezi’s terrain tilt decreases from southeast to northwest , mountains, plains and deserts respectively.It is in the temperate continental arid climate, annual average temperature of 6 to 6.6 degrees, extreme high temperature reaches to 42.8 degrees, extreme low temperature 38.9 degrees below zero, annual rainfall of 200 mm.

In history, Shihezi was a remote and deserted place of Manasi County, Shawan jurisdiction afterwards. Before 1950, it was covered by reeds and wild animals haunted, dozens of farmyards scattered. Since the development and construction from February of 1950, people in Shihezi have reclaimed land and guarded the border areas ,united together and worked hard to build one after another miracles in Gebi Desert. Nowadays, Shehezi reclamation region comes to be a new oases with many farms, Shihezi develops to be a comprehensive industrial city with light industry dominated and gains good names of“Jiangnan Scenery beyond the Great Wall” “Desert Pearl”.