Introduction to SHIC

Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine (SHIC) is the only school in China that offers professional long-term and short-term courses in Sichuan cuisine. Since 1985, international chefs, restaurateurs and food journalists from all over the world have attended our programs.

Sichuan cuisine is the most celebrated and complex of Chinese culinary traditions. It is distinguished for its rich and eclectic palate, intense spices and sophisticated textures. As Chinese food culture commands more interest internationally, Sichuan cooking is experiencing a surge of enthusiasm from abroad. Whether our international students choose to study in Chinese or English, the SHIC curriculum is comprehensive, unique and accessible.

The short-term intensive cooking program includes cutting skills, the art of cold starters, small plates and sauces, mastery of wok-fried, steamed and sautéed Sichuan dishes, soups and pastries, and banquet plate work. Students gain facility with kitchen tools, learn to choose and treat raw ingredients, study the science and philosophy of Chinese cooking and create new dishes.

The long-term program offers a professional degree in cooking, nutrition and restaurant practice. SHIC also offers courses in catering, tourism, hotel administration and other fields. For more details on the departments and their programs click here link to the Departments page.

The new campus in Longquanyi District of Chengdu is a grand, inviting space with state-of-the-art demonstration labs and training kitchens. There are excellent research and recreation facilities, including a concert arena, library, stadium, gym, golf course, volleyball and tennis courts, a rock-climbing wall and swimming pool. A variety of comfortable accommodations are available on campus. The Institute is well connected with downtown Chengdu via efficient public transit.

The faculty at Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine are award-winning master chefs, cookbook authors and judges at international cooking competitions. SHIC is the premier state-run university in Sichuan Province for tourism and hotel management, training hospitality professionals for all of west China. Our graduates have excellent success finding prestigious employment in China or abroad. The Institute participates in exchange programs and internships with universities in Europe, Asia and North America. We host visiting faculty from all over the world and enroll over two thousand international students each year.