Overview of international student education

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up to outside world and the strengthening of comprehensive national strength, Shanghai, as a world eminent metropolis, its charm has increasingly apparent and become preferred destination for overseas students to study abroad in China. The Conservatory stands adjacent to the business center of Huaihai Road, a quiet area with convenient traffic not far from the business center, enjoying vivid music education characteristics, rich cultural atmosphere and strong professional advantages. Till now from the time that it was established, the Conservatory has attracted more than one thousand foreign students to study here. Among whom, the number of students from Latin American countries accounts for 54%, European countries 14%, American countries 7%. They are enrolled in 14 departments (branches), studying folk music, composition, piano performance, orchestral instrument performance, musicology, music education, music engineering or art management, etc.

At present,the Conservatory recruits students from degree ones(bachelor, master, doctor) to non-degree ones (general students, advanced students, and short-term trainees), having achieved both degree and non-degree program development. With solid professional knowledge and comprehensive artistic accomplishment, our graduates take charge of vital works in art organization, education institutes and culture departments in different countries; some even have become the principal performer, officials of China’s cultural institutions, making positive contributions to the promotion of China and international music exchange. Now, Shanghai Conservatory of Music can accept students under Chinese government scholarship and Shanghai Municipal Scholarship and have established a specific international student department, which is fully responsible for recruitment, cultivation, management of overseas students, providing a series of life and learning services to international students. It has accumulated rich experience in the long time endeavors.

After the Last half century development, our international student education has accomplished remarkable results in the field of international student training, discipline construction, tutor team building, academic atmosphere creating and sound development of international education management system, etc. Especially the fruit of international management systematism is fully affirmed by China’s counterparts has been regarded as a model for other universities. At a new historical starting point, while striving for larger scale, the Conservatory will attach more importance to connotation development, explore and practice internationalized school running mode to realize new development of international student education.