Brief Introduction

Dengfeng Shaolin Epo Martial Art College is located in the western section of Dayu Road, Dengfeng City, the hometown of Kungfu and a national civilized, hygienic and excellent tourism city. It was founded in 1977 and it is the first professional martial arts school since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Mr. Liang Yiquan, the founder of the college, was elected as one of “Chinese Contemporary Top Ten Martial Arts Masters” in 1995 and enjoys the State Council special Government Allowance. He was awarded many honorable titles, such as “National Veteran Cadre Advanced Individual” by the Organization Department of the CPC in October, 2004, “First China Excellent Headmaster of Martial Arts School” by China Education Foundation and China Education Culture Daily in May, 2005 and “the First Popular Culture Traditional Bearer of Henan Province” by Henan Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee and Henan Literary Federation in July, 2006. In 2009, he was appointed as the first batch of specialists of National Martial Arts Institute Exports Committee. In September, 2009, he was offered the honorary adviser of Martial Arts Academy of Beijing Sport University. In August, 2010, he was awarded as the “National Martial Arts Healthy Aged People” by the General Administration of Sport of China. Mr. Liang is now the vice –chairman of Henan Martial Arts Association and the honorary president of Shaolin Kungfu Association, also one of representatives of Shaolin Kungfu.

Mr. Liang Shaozong, the chairman of Epo Education Group and the president of Epo Martial Arts Academy, graduated from Martial Arts Department of Beijing Sport University in 1990, also one of the Chinese Martial Arts Eight-section masters and Shaolin Kungfu 18 King Kong, the torch bearers of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and the senior university lecturer. In June, 2009, he obtained the master degree in Wuhan University. In 2000, he was awarded the honorable title as “Top Ten Outstanding Youth”, also the medalist of National “May Day”. He is now one member of the Dengfeng People’s Congress, Zhengzhou People’s Congress and Youth Association Committee.

Mr. Liang Shaofei, the head coach of Epo Martial Arts Academy, was born in December, 1970 and practiced martial arts under his father’s guidance when he was five. At his 10 years old, he entered the Shaolin Martial Arts School of Dengfeng Sports Commission and won the champion of Shaolin Boxing during Henan youngsters contest in 1986. In 1988, he entered Beijing Sport University and was assigned to the Martial Arts Institute of Zhengzhou Athletic Committee. In 1993, on behalf of Zhengzhou team, he participated the Shaolin Boxing contest in the Third China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival and got the gold medal. He was the secretary general of Zhengzhou Sports Bureau Martial Arts Institute, the office director of Zhengzhou Sports Federation and the executive vice president of Zhengzhou Martial Arts Institute. In 2001, he was elected as one member of the Henan Standing Committee of Martial Arts Institute.

Since its foundation, the college has invested 200 million in hardware construction, teaching facilities and so on. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with construction area of 72,000 square meters, training venues 56,000 square meters. There are more than 7,500 students from all over the country in the school, including thousands of foreign students coming to study martial. For literacy class, it sets department of early childhood, primary department, junior department, senior department, technical secondary school department, and computer department etc., In the year of 2011, the school cooperated with Henan University to set up college classes, along with the classes of martial arts routine, sanshou, wrestling, taekwondo, visual and performing arts etc.

The school mission is “all service is ready for the students”. The school has strict management system, with the abundant teachers’ strength and outstanding achievements in teaching. It has 86 full-time managers, 129 professional teachers for literacy class, and 168 coachers for martial teaching. Over the years literacy course examination of this school have come to top all over the city. It has transferred more than 1,600 undergraduates to Beijing Sport University and the sport institutes in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan city etc., and also transferred martial undergraduate to many colleges, such as Henan University, Zhengzhou University, Luoyang Normal University and so on. It introduced more than 3,600 graduates to the armed police, public security, high security and other departments all over the country. More than 2,800 excellent martial coaches for arts schools were cultivated here. Tens of thousands of martial arts talents from all sectors of the community are raised from the school.

It won 3,196 medals in all kinds of martial competition all over the country, province and city, including 1,012 golden medals. These years it won the first for Shaolin boxing five times successively in Henan province . It won Shaolin boxing champion in the Shaolin boxing contest and Shaolin boxing champion in the third, six and seven Zhengzhou international Shaolin Martial Arts Festival in China. I t won the first in martial routines and sanshou two times in the marital competition in the national martial arts village, it won the first three times continually in the group competition for martial routines and sanshou. It won the first three times successively in the martial routines group competition among the martial art schools all over the country. A total of 26 athletes won the national "Wuying Level Sportsman" title, and successively it transferred more than 160 excellent athletes to 23 sport institutions, including liberation army team, Heilongjiang team, Jiangsu team, Chengdu team education 23 martial arts team etc.

Epo Kungfu Troupe made 3,000 touring performances throughout over 80 countries of Europe, South-east Asia, America and Oceania for millions of spectators home and abroad. In 2007, 2008 and 2011, it successively participated “Sensing China·Mexico”, “Sensing China·Poland”, “Sensing China·Indonesia” cultural interchange activities organized by the Press Office of State Council. The dance “Shaolin in the wind” co-stared by E Po and Zhengzhou Dance Theater achieved complete ceremony in Singapore and Australia.

About the domestic performance, the teachers and students of E Po participated the opening ceremonies of China International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, First National Shaolin Boxing Contest, First Chinese Peasant Cultural Art Festival, participated the joint performance of “Shaolin, Wudang & Emei” martial arts lists, the 2003 North China Travel Exhibition, 2004 First International Traditional Martial Arts Hostess, 2005 National Kungfu Contest of Martial Arts Land, Southern Great Wall Cup, World “Go Summit” Contest, 2006 First Central China Travel Exhibition, and Year Bingxu Hometown of Yellow Emperor Worship Ceremonies.

From 2007 to 2009, the college sent thousands of teachers and students to participate the group performance in the opening ceremonies of China 11th Sports Meet in Jinan, the Second Asian Indoor Games in Macao, and the eighth National Minorities Traditional Sports.

In 2010, our students participated China Art Festival Opening Ceremony, the Fifth Culture Heritage Day Starting Ceremony and Dengfeng Heaven and Earth Application for World Heritage celebration activities. From March to May, the group members of “Shaolin in the wind” did show tours in 11 Poly theaters over the countries. In July, they participated the Henan Systemic Week Martial Arts Demonstration In Shanghai World Expo and got high prestige once again. In the afternoon of October 23, the Eighth China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival ceremony was held in Dengfeng city. 3000 E Po teachers and students performed exquisite Shaolin Kungfu in fighting field, boxing field, instrument field and unique skills field. At that night, Jiangxi 13th Sports Meet Opening Ceremony Large Art Evening was held in Yingtan Sports Centre. 1000 E Po teachers and students put on performances of “Coper Man” ”Five-river” ”Lighting Man” and “Taichi ” with the highest physical performance, tacit understanding degree and artistry. The neat lineup, rows of actions, transforming queue, river like running imposing manner and wonderful martial arts skills put forward the party to a successive climax and won tens of thousands of audiences’ applause.

At 20:00 p.m. September10, 2011, the Opening Ceremony Art Performance of Ninth National Minority Tradition Sports Games “The Integrated Whole of Heaven, Earth and Man-Ode to the Chinese People” was held in Guiyang Olympic Sports Center. The Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee fo the Communist Party, Vice Premier of the State Council, Hui Liangyu attended the ceremony and watched the performance. 1,100 E Po teachers and students were invited to attend the demonstration of “Prelude-Bright Guiyang Welcome You”, ”Part One-Colorful Guizhou”, ”Part Two-Splendid China” and “Epilogue-Love My China”. The whole play highlighted the topic of harmony, environment and the colorful with national features and Guizhou minority original ecological culture. The brilliant martial arts skills, action-packed dance under the beauty of the rivers and mountains and photoelectric changes made the most of the big heroic bearing of modern national minority and presented a extraordinary audio-visual feast to more than fifty thousands spectators. The spectacular opening ceremony was lively broadcast on CCTV Set Four (Chinese International Channel), Set Five (Sports Channel), Set Seven (Agricultural Military Channel) and Set nine (English Channel).

At 20:00 p.m. June 6, 2012, 54 teachers and students from Epo successfully performed “Dance of Martial Arts” for the 14 heads of state attended Shanghai Cooperation Organization Beijing Summit at Beijing National Grand Theatre. With thrilling performance and excellent acting, they not only won global televiewers’ rapturous applause, but also won the high praise of the heads of state including Putin, the president of Russia. On June 24, our disciples Shuai Cai, Lijie Wei and Yunlong Chai followed Chinese premier Wen Jiabao to visit Argentina and performed the martial arts demonstration, which helped increase the college’s presence in the world.

The school was approved successively as the key technical secondary school by Henan Ministry of Education, the Training Base (Martial Arts Routines) for the backup talent of Henan Single Sport by Henan Sports Bureau, the International Martial Arts Overseas Students School by Henan Ministry of Education, Public Security Department and Foreign Affairs Office, the Training Base of National Youngsters Martial Arts and the Martial Arts Club of National Youngsters by China’s General Administration of Sports, the Top Ten Martial Arts School by the “Chinese Martial Arts” (one authoritative magazine). The school was annually awarded as “Henan Top Ten Martial Arts School”, “Outstanding Contribution Award” and “Dengfeng Top Five Martial Arts School”.