Introduction of Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School

A brief introduction of Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School
and its new campus--- Chenghan International High School

Shenzhen Chenghan International High School (SCIHS) and Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School(SECS) belong to Shenzhen Chenghan Education Investment and Management Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Chenghan International High School is a new campus expansion based at Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School. The two campuses adjacent to each other. Actually, we can say, they are as one.

Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School is a k-12 school. It consists of the primary section, the junior high section, the senior high section and the international section. It is a school of both boarding and day students. It is a private school of high-quality, internationalization, modernization. Presently there are 2003 students studying on this campus.

The school is located in Mancheng Community, Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

SECS covers an area of 32000 square meters, with 61 classes, advanced facilities and equipments.

The new campus, Chenghan International High School, covers an area of 28,000 square meters (the construction area is 61000 square meters), the investment on this school is nearly RMB 400 million (about US$65million ). It is of a high level campus with complete and modern facilities. It features a scientific layout. Its unique architectural style and the environment are pleasing and elegant. The school provides a modern humanistic education environment with multi-media classrooms, labs, piano rooms, dance studios, gymnasium etc. There are 36 classrooms (from Grade 9 to Grade 12) which can accommodate up to 1,080 students. The main construction is completed and now we are furnishing and decorating it. And the new campus will open next September.

Our mission is to cultivate good citizens with a healthy personality。

Our school motto is to cultivate the talents with the soul of Chinese culture and a global view.

Our vision is to establish  “East Meets West” focused & quality -oriented education

We started to run international classes after receiving the approval from Shenzhen Educational Bureau in December, 2011(Doc. No.: [2011]588). This year the first group of 11 students graduated from our school were all enrolled by the top 100 American universities, and the top student received offer from UCLA. As the numbers of students who want to join the international classes is growing very quickly, we build the new campus and will run international classes on the new campus (SCIHS) since September 1, 2015..

We hope to cooperate with your school, adapt and combine your high-quality American high school curriculum with ours, so as to set up a first class international school in China and a well known international school to the world.