Application Procedure

for Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Apply to Join your national education department examination for Chinese Government Scholarship program during about every January to April.
(consulting local education department or Chinese Embassy in your country)
Election results will be submitted to the Chinese Embassy
The Embassy will deliver the results and student's documents to the CSC
The CSC will transfer the students' documents to our university
According to the documents, our university will make the JW201 Form and Admisson Notice, then send them to the CSC.
The CSC will collect the "JW201 Form" and "Admisson Notice", then send them to the Chinese Embassy or the students' countries education department.

Admission Procedure

Apply for the student visa (X visa) at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country with "the Admission Notice", "Visa Application for Study in China (JW201)", the original copies of your "Physical Examination Record for Foreigner" and "Blood Test Reports".
Registration with X visa, 8 copies of passport-size photo, the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (which should be confirmed by the Chinese embassy or consulate) in International Student Office 301 (SCAU)
Apply for accommodation, fill up  ̄Internet Application Form ̄, purchase campus smart card(in case of need) and insurance in International Student Office 301 (SCAU)
Apply forRegistration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitor(in local police station ), Physical check-up (in the appointed certain hospital)
Fill up  ̄Visa and Residence Permit Application Form ̄,
Apply for  ̄Online Visa Booking ̄ in International Student Office 301 (SCAU)
Go to the Immigration Office for theXvisa
Opening Ceremony; buy textbooks
Classes start